Before and After Pictures

This is a collection of before and after photos that I have of both my ex boyfriend and myself and our successes with the diet. You can click on the thumbnails to see the bigger version of the picture. Enjoy! :)


20 thoughts on “Before and After Pictures

  1. Love looking at both of your transformations. I am only 3 months into my 10 month Cruise phase and I have a feeling that Consolidation is really going to be the biggest struggle. Best of luck…you must feel as good as you look!

  2. Did Dukan for 3 months last year, lost 18 lbs then had some family medical issues and steep work travel, and all hell broke loose. Restarting and found this blog – Fantastic advice and great pictures! Congratulations!

  3. How come you don’t have an quarter of an inch of extra skin!!? I have lost about 24 pounds and I am already seeing some wrinkles on upper legs and stomach. You look gorgeous. Congrats!

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