Weekend Adventures – Shoes, Supplements and Muscles!


I am sooo happy with how I look here. My upper body looks massive and check out my legs! I have never seen them look like this before! Well… the 5 inch high heels help… a bit. ;)

I went to go buy my show shoes this weekend, since it was on my goal list to buy either the shoes or suit before August 15th.

My mother, sister and I went to the Adult Fun Superstore (Yeppp… a giant sex toy shop… With my mother and baby sister, I’m a brave lass.) to go buy my 5 inch high shoes.

Some things you should know as a figure competitor when purchasing these shoes:

  • Don’t get platforms.
  • Make sure they are clear shoes!
  • 5 inches high is preferable.
  • You can have a little bling on the shoe, not too much though, you don’t want it to be distracting.
  • Buy a half size smaller.
  • Practice wearing them! They take some getting used to.

Well this whole half size smaller thing is not a huge issue for me… I have giant man-feet apparently. I am probably a D-wide (I was always aware of this) and my foot turns white because of lack of circulation as soon as I try on even a size 11 shoe… I am normally a size 9.

How awful.

So the shoes do stretch apparently, and I can use a hairdryer to heat the plastic and stretch it. But they really really don’t fit, if I can’t find a size 10 wide or mens shoe I might have to just suffer through it though… I am not letting footwear be the thing standing in between me and my competition!

But OMG do they ever make my legs look amaaaazing! I can’t wait until I actually buy them. The ones I tried on were 59.99$.

Also yes, they are shoes made for… dancers of the night. It’s become the huge joke in my family.


My coach gave me a lot of free product and swag from Optimum Nutrition yesterday after our workout together. I feel like a sponsored athlete (although I am not… -sadface-). I have been wearing the t-shirt since he gave it to me actually. I can’t take it off. I am so happy.

He won it because he was nominated by Muscle Insider for trainer of the year. A picture of him and I will be in the magazine! Here is a picture of the supplements. I got protein powder, casein powder, and pre-workout pump energy supplements. More on all these later, I promise I am in the middle of writing a BIG page all about my supplementation. J

I also went out and bought some powders of my own, Swollen by Nutrabolics and Glutamine (because I was out and seriously missed it) totalling at 112$… Oof. Sooo expensive, and I am out of protein powder so I need to buy that too. You guys, bodybuilding is an expensive thing to undertake.

I feel like if anything, after my June show I will have to stop training because of my wallet, not because of lack of interest.

But for now, I am happy, it is all working, and I am so thankful to my coach, ON and Muscle Insider for the product! J


Lat and back progress!

Check out my back muscles! OMGGGG! I am so proud and happy of my progress! I have only been on my new program for 3 weeks!

I have been doing really really well with August being my no-cheat month (check out my August goals, a few posts down). But am still gaining weight. So I have upped my cardio (as per my coach’s request). But so far (I am 13 weeks out as of Saturday) I am doing really well with muscle gain I think!

I leg pressed 300lbs the other day (my start weight was 60lbs) I mean… just that is pretty amazing! I am so proud of myself.


Have a good day you guys, make good choices, be positive and happy and PROUD of your accomplishments!



Stress and Anxiety – Dealing With It

Hmmm thinking about it today, something that might be either causing or well… not helping with my dieting and random cheats and binges (which, I have been pretty good about for a few days now) could be the level of stress I have in my life right now.

House sitting, going from house to house and watching pets is stressful, but a part of life I can’t change and it’s mostly positive. Anyways, this I cannot change, my job I cannot change… but do you know what has been causing me anxiety that I have just been putting aside… something I CAN actually do something about?

Getting my suit and shoes for competition.

It sounds simple, sounds easy. Well it is, and I know I am making it out to be more complicated than it really is, but it’s something I have been putting aside for an entire month now, and stressing over daily.

Well I took the first babystep today. I asked a friend of mine who is into competing (the woman who got me into all this mess) for advice and OH THANK GAWED SHE HELPED ME.

I don’t think I really realised how much pressure this had been putting on me. It is suggested to start looking for your suit 3-4 months before your show… which means my deadline was tomorrow (officially 3 months away!)

Wow… 3 months. August, September, October… I am getting nervous.

Now that I have e-mailed the lady-in-charge-of-suits I feel so relieved and on top of the world. Actually the show feels so much more real now… I am getting butterflies. I am so happy I did this finally.

So here is the list of things I want and what I don’t want in a suit. Just my personal opinions, oh and btw… I am looking at over 260$ for this thing… You looking into competing? Be aware that it is a very expensive thing to undertake.


Chain or bling along the side of the suit bottoms.
A dark suit that will compliment the deep tan I will have.
Tube top, solid material top (to give an appearance of boobs), or bikini top.

Do Not Want:

Any patterns, including animal print.
Velvet material.
A white suit.
A bikini top where the material goes up too high (I call it the masculine, old, saggy boobs look)

So if you are looking into competing you might want to go to a show, like I did with my mom, and see what you do and do not like in them. Remember that whoever makes your suit will obviously have a better opinion on what looks good on your body type and shape.

I will be totally open to whatever she says about color, material, print, fit, etc. Absolutely, she is the expert.
Will let you know when I get a date for my initial consultation! Eeeeek! I’m too excited!

She also orders and sells the shoes I will have to buy/wear which is the other big-purchase for my ‘costume’. She sells them at 45-60$ a pair. I will compare prices with the Adult Fun Superstore shoes. I really want to buy the shoes this paycheck. Just get the purchase out of the way, you know?

I guess I am already taking a stab at my goals for August (check out my last post for more info) since I told myself I needed to get my suit or shoes by halfway through the month… I feel so focused and positive! All I had to do was write out my goals. Hmmm… you should do it too!

Otherwise I skipped my workout yesterday because my wrists were way too sore and it was chest and bicep training day… I was really petrified about dropping a 40 pound weight on my face doing chest presses… I’m back at it today though even though my wrists are a teensy bit sore when I move them a certain way. Hopefully they hold up.

I guess I’ll have to ask a big, strong man to spot me for those chest presses… it sucks to be me. ;)


Progress Pics!

Not a lot to say today, 2 months of training with my coach coming up as of tomorrow, thought I would show you a couple progress pictures over the past couple months.

More progress to be had! I want more muscleeeee. :)

Make good choices today!


I Have Lost 7.3lbs Since Monday Morning!

As per request: this is Titan at 4 weeks, my cute-as-a-button kitten! My very first pet on my own. :)

Days Without Cheating: 1/19

Baby steps. ;)

So, I am doing something a little different to ‘guarantee’ that I don’t cheat for the next 19 days. It’s a short-term goal of mine. I was invited to a party on August 5th and I know there is a pool… I want to look my absolute best for the pool party and how will I know I am looking the absolute best I could possibly look? By making sure to put 100% into both my workouts and my diet.

That means no cheating, following my coach’s plan and working hard!

That is the only way I can make sure I look the absolute best I could possibly look for August 5th right? Well, I’m doing it.

Weigh In This Morning: 159.1lbs.

That is a 7.3lbs drop since Monday morning… woah! All that by not cheating, eating 5 full meals a day, hitting the gym (and doing my super-intense program)… I can’t believe it. Crazy! I didn’t even lose that much weight in Attack and I am actually eating carbs now!

Sample Diet

Now I have only been on this ‘new diet’ since Sunday, and Sunday night I had a late night-not-allowed snack-binge and I had light not-allowed snack Monday night…

So really, I only did this diet fully 100% correctly yesterday.

I’m not saying follow this diet and you will lose 7.3lbs in a couple days, I did 2 hours of weight training Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night (2 hours each night). Also, I have been cheating for almost a straight month now on and off and gained over 10lbs in a few weeks.

I’m assuming the reason the weight is melting off is because it’s fat I just recently got from my cheating month…

Still, here is what I am eating today, my meal plan. For those of you who are curious. ;) I do not eat the same thing every day, this is just what I am choosing to eat today:

Meal #1 8:30am

Protein pancake (1 scoop protein powder, 1 scoop greens, 1 scoop glutamine, 1 big spoonful of cinnamon, ¼ cup oat bran, one whole banana, liquid egg whites to desired consistency)

Meal #2 11:30am

6 oz basa fish with cayenne pepper, 3 oz long grain brown rice (cooked), 65g spinach (raw)

Meal #3 2:45pm

6oz chicken breast with cayenne pepper, 3 oz couscous, 1 cup of zucchini, jalapeno pepper, onion, green pepper medley

Meal #4 5:30pm

6oz chicken thigh, 3 rice cakes (plain, original), 5 oz ff cottage cheese

Meal #5 8:30pm

Casein Powder shake


Now I am not eating any snacks at all. I find I am generally not hungry but if I do feel a little something I drink coffee and just ignore it. If I am hungry at 8:30pm and the casein shake isn’t doing it for me (don’t worry… a post about my supplementation is underway, I promise) I might add 3 oz of long grain brown rice and 1 cup of vegetable medley tonight.

Last night the before bed shake wasn’t enough food (I was hungry after my workout) so I added a banana since it was too late for coffee.


And that’s all! If you have a question about my new diet (I see it very much as a modified Consolidation Phase just… with weighed food) ask away!

As always, I’ll keep you updated, how about you guys? How are you doing with this whole… getting healthy and sexy thing?

Make good choices today!


I Have To Wax My WHAT?!

Female bodybuilding… time to teach you guys something new: It’s not just about the confidence on stage, the fitness and exercise done in preparation of going on stage, as well as the strict dieting.

There are a few other things to consider, or know about, when it comes to the sport.

  1. The money. This is a very expensive sport to participate in. I want to post more in detail about it later, but when you consider the bathing suit, tanning, personal training, gym membership, as well as the actual cost of entering the competition and being a member of your chosen federation… it all adds up, and fast! I am fortunate to be in a place financially (with no major commitments, like children or a mortgage) where I can afford to compete.
  2. You have to walk on stage… in a bikini. No matter what category you want to compete in: bikini, figure, fitness, physique, bodybuilding… you will have to go in front of people half naked… and then be judged by them based on your looks! I know it seems obvious but I had never really thought it through until recently. There is a big mental aspect to this sport, you need to be very confident in yourself.
  3. You have to get a bikini wax. Another thing I hadn’t even considered. I have never gotten one and according to my friends it’s probably not something I want to get done the day before the show, you know? Something I might want to get done a few times before actually competing… So scary! Can my mom come with me and hold my hand? Or is that weird? It all sounds so painful!
  4. Spray tanning. Not only is it expensive, but it can go wrong! Which is kindof scary. What if the person spray tanning you messes up, or you sweat and your tan leaks? If your PH levels are out of wack the tan can turn green before you go on stage! All things to worry about.
  5. Spray tanning pt 2. From what I have been told, they can spray tan you on site… which means you have to be naked in front of the people you are competing with… also, they need to get everywhere right? Do you see where I am going with this? Every nook and cranny… I’ll spell it out plainly, you bend over and they get veeeeery close to your privates! Lovely! Imagine I hadn’t been warned! It would have been the day of my competition and I would be giving those tanning ladies the weirdest look… “Wait you need to… what? Where? Here? Not my… Oh no!”
  6. A lot of it is about beauty, so you need your makeup done, your hair done, the whole package.
  7. There are different ‘federations’ to compete in. I have chosen OPA for my first competition (Ontario Physique Association) because generally their competitions are local for me, so I wouldn’t have to travel. But you can compete in a wide array of federations, as long as you pay their membership fee prior to the competition.

Hopefully you learned something new here. All the above are things I hadn’t even considered before I decided I wanted to compete and am glad I learned along the way.

Have a great day! No cheating!


So I Watched My First Bodybuilding Competition… :)

Women on stage in the bikini category with the OPA, Saturday June 16th 2012,

So I think I got a good first impression of the bodybuilding world on Saturday when I attended my first live competition with my mom and Prawn.

We stayed for the entire (really long) day. I don’t even know where to start.

So I arrived at the event with literally no expectations. I had no idea what was going to happen, what the women were going to do, nothing. I have to say, after watching the entire show, I am even more excited and motivated to do this in November!

Prawn and I watching the pre-judging in the morning. Photo cred goes to my mom.

In the morning there was the pre-judging. Started off with the different categories of men and then different categories and heights for women. So to put it briefly for the women there is:

Bikini – Very feminine, allows for a higher body fat percentage.

Figure – In between, has more definition but still feminine looking.

Physique – Very muscular.

Fitness – Has to do a dance or gymnastic routine.

& Within each category there is different heights, so short, medium, tall, and sometimes depending on how many girls are competing there is medium-tall. I would place in medium-tall or tall.

For the night show we were right in the front so we could watch them before they went on stage, here is a line up of figure competitors. They are so tanned! You can also see the shoes well in this photo.

My all-time favourite looking athlete is a physique bodybuilder. I walked into the competition with the thought that I would most likely like to compete in the bikini category but after watching the girls, I think I will aim for figure in November.

The reason why I have chosen this is because the girls who competed in bikini were very model-ey and sassy. They walked on stage, quarter turn, pose, quarter turn, pose, walk to the back of the stage, pose, walk to the front, pose, hips swaying, more posing, walk off stage. The girls looked like they didn’t work out, like they were born looking good in a bikini and then just wanted to strut their stuff on stage.

I am actually putting in effort, to get muscles, to get definition, so why wouldn’t I want to flex on stage? These girls (in the bikini category) do no flexing, no showing off their muscles. I want to flex! I want to show off more than my curves and my body and my hips swaying. I want to show off my biceps, my quads, my hard work.

Some of the men who competed, look at those quads! :0

So that was the major decision I made. I also got a good impression on what style of bikini I want and the bling that goes into the whole look. I know I don’t want to keep my short hair (for fear of looking masculine like some of the women…) I will try and grow it out to the best of my ability for November.

Bikini competitors, walking towards the back of the stage.

Anyways, so they go on stage, do their posing, then the judges compare the top 5, move them around and get them to do more posing. We found out that when they are moving the girls around the girl they end up moving to the center is the girl the head judge prefers basically. So you want to be compared with this group of 5, not after. Gives you a good idea of who might win.

So then after everyone gets compared you leave the stage. Then after several hours there is the actual show, which is much more interesting. The night show. So the people get called out one at a time, you get about 30 seconds to do any posing you want, then they line up the girls and call out the winners starting last and moving up to first. Top 3 get trophies, everyone else gets medals.

My mom was so cute, definitely my number one fan! I was so happy she took the time to be a part of my day. There were people who kept standing in front of us to take pictures and every time she went up and told them to take a knee or move out of the way because we really needed to see what was happening on stage.

Here you can see the figure competitors posing from the back.

A true soccer mom. I feel so supported. She kept saying ‘You got this’ and just made me feel so amazing about myself, my progress, and my future.

I’m so lucky to have people who believe in me and support me in this. My confidence is through the roof and I know if I put the effort in I’ll come out on top!

Here you can see the figure girls posing from the side.


Exactly What Do I Eat? – A Guide

*QUICK NOTE: This does not describe the Dukan Diet at all, I just realized, if you have not been following my progress you will leave here under the impression that Dukan is a strict, boring diet which is not the case. This is my new bodybuilding diet. If that is what you are here for, continue on. If you are looking for Dukan, you might want to check a few months back. xoxo

June 16th I will be going to my first ever bodybuilding competition to witness first hand what I have signed myself up for. I have never been to one and am excited for the extremely long day that lies ahead of me. The actual competition starts at 9am where the bodybuilders will strut their stuff on stage and then they will do comparisons.

In the afternoon there is the big show, it starts at 6:30pm I believe.

I asked my mom (my #1 fan) to join me so we can take notes on makeup, hair, tan, posing, the walk, and anything else I might need to know since this is the only show I will be attending before my competition in November.

I will have to prep all meals in advance and when I asked my mom if she wants me to prep her some as well she said ‘well when in Rome’.

So as I was typing all my meals out to my mom (hi mom!) I figured that I might want to let you guys in on exactly what I eat during the day. I have included all my variations. I don’t eat anything not on this list, ever and yes, I do eat this every day of the week, no cheat days or meals for me. Just bland, same-everyday food. Ah well.

I find it’s easier if I bring around a tupperwear full of my fish for the day, one with my *Scrambled Eggs for the day, one with my (etc etc) and then during the day I scoop 1/4th of each tupperwear together, scramble it, microwave it, add a bit of broccoli and celery (or green beans) and tah-dah.

*Quick note, there is something I include with most of my meals, I make it in the morning after I make my pancake and separate it during the day into every meal. I use my already hot pan (from the pancake) to prepare it.

I take two whole eggs, crack them onto the pan, then add egg whites (as desired). Including my pancake in the morning I usually go through 500ml of egg whites a day, depending on my mood, all prepared at breakfast. Scramble them up and like I said, I will separate this mixture into ‘Meals 2-5’.

Meal 1:

My pancake. Best part of my day right here:


1 scoop protein powder
1 scoop glutamine
1 scoop greens

¼ cup whole oats
An entire banana (smooshed)
Cinnamon (I do not measure but it is probably between 1-2 tbsp of cinnamon)
1 packet of sweetner

Egg whites. Depending on how hungry I am or how thick I want the ‘batter’ I use more or less egg whites.
Mix all ingredients together, put on hot pan that has a short spray of PAM on it. Flip, voilà.

Meal 2:

½ cup broccoli
5x almonds
¼ can tuna
½ – 1 basa fillet OR ½ – 1 tilapia fillet OR 1 boneless skinless chicken breast (all boiled)
*Scrambled Eggs

Meal 3:

3 asparagus spears
5x almonds
¼ can tuna
½ – 1 basa fillet OR ½ – 1 tilapia fillet OR 1 boneless skinless chicken breast (all boiled)
*Scrambled Eggs

Meal 4:
½ cup broccoli
5x almonds
¼ can tuna
½ – 1 basa fillet OR ½ – 1 tilapia fillet OR 1 boneless skinless chicken breast (all boiled)
*Scrambled Eggs

Meal 5:
Right after my workout or during my workout as a quick bite if I’m dying of hunger.

3 asparagus spears
¼ can tuna
½ – 1 basa fillet OR ½ – 1 tilapia fillet OR 1 boneless skinless chicken breast (all boiled)
*Scrambled Eggs
EITHER 1 baked potato, 1 sweet potato, ¼ cup brown rice, or ¼ cup quinoa. (I prefer quinoa diet-wise but I prefer the taste of baked potato as a treat.)

Meal 6:

Protein shake (one scoop) with one or two scoops of glutamine. Two scoops of glutamine if I did weight training, one if it’s a cardio day.

On my day off from the gym (one a week) I do this right before bed.


So that’s it! I will snack on leftover *Scrambled Eggs, celery (plain) during the day if I am hungry in between meals. Sometimes I will have one or two extra almonds during the day.

Sometimes I spice it up by including orange or red peppers to one of my meals (not a lot though), or I add a handful of green beans or celery.

A couple times a week I will have a nice steak with the baked potato, quinoa, or other carb instead of my fish or chicken.


This is very strict, obviously. I like to think I am dieting at pro-level : )

It’s very difficult, bland, and repetitious, but I am at a disadvantage (or so I feel) because of the rapid weight loss without exercise that I have been doing for the past year. I only have 5 months and if I stand a chance, I need to be as strict as possible.
Most competitors allow themselves a cheat meal a week, I don’t need it. I have this dieting thing down.

So that’s that. If you have any questions, ask away! I also drink a lot of WATER, so important. Between 6 and 8L a day. If I season anything it will be with Ms. Dash but mostly I just take all my ingredients scramble them together and enjoy.