FAQ – Pt 1 (Also, A Male Perspective!)

So I mentioned a few posts ago about WordPress and how it offers summaries of what people Googled to find my blog. There are a few interesting ones (some of them are reaaally funny, like: “buff guy with little arms”) so I want to answer a few questions, especially some that are being asked more than once so that there is a clear answer for those who Google it in the future layed out in my blog.

Did I make sense there?

So here are 5 of my top Frequently Asked Questions. I hope my answers help a little. I want to make more of these, if you do have a question about my experience following the Dukan Diet, about the general outline of the Dukan Diet, female bodybuilding, working out, anything, you can always comment somewhere on my blog or e-mail me at ciesee@hotmail.com

Also please note that I am not a Doctor and can only speak through my personal experiences following this diet and training for my competition. I might be wrong! Make your own assumptions, use your own experience and body as a guideline and look at other sources. xoxo

So todays FAQ are:

  1. Why Am I So Thirsty On The Dukan Diet?
  2. Can Protein Powders Help You Not Feel Hungry In Between Meals?
  3. Is Doing 2 Hours Of Cardio Okay While Following the Dukan Diet?
  4. Is Doing the Attack Phase for 20 Days Okay?
  5. How Many Carbs Per Day on Dukan?

I decided to include A Male Perspective on the 5 questions for this week, let me know if that’s something you guys like or want to see more of since Prawn is always up for writing little blurbs and giving his opinion on stuff. If you have any questions you want to direct at him you can always ask by e-mail or on the blog and he will be more than happy to give you his Male Perspective on the subject. ;)

1. Why Am I So Thirsty On The Dukan Diet?

Well I have a few theories about this, there was a time where I was absolutely unbearably thirsty while following the Dukan Diet. My lips were always cracked, my skin was also cracking on my hands and I was breaking out a lot as well. It was awful. Prawn actually suffered from dehydration and fainted at work. His blood pressure was incredibly low and whenever he would stand he would get incredibly light headed.

I believe that this diet is very acidic, and unbalances your natural PH level. Meat is very acidic, and eating it in large quantities without many alkaline foods to balance everything out makes your body toxic in a sense, which might be a reason for your seemingly relentless thirst.

Another theory (and I’m no scientist… so I can’t really convey this idea properly…) is that since your liver or kidneys or something needs to create carbs for your body since you are not providing it with any through diet, it releases a lot of toxins which dries you out, so you need to drink a ton of water to flush out that bi-product. Like I said, I don’t really understand the science of it all, I can only tell you that through my experience, since I have started drinking adequate amounts of water I feel INFINITELY better.

I anticipate my thirst now, drinking between 8-11L of water a day and I feel amazing, no headaches, no dried lips, no more dizzy spells. I don’t get sick anymore like I was for a few months following Dukan. I feel so much better.

So just drink water! If you feel thirsty while following Dukan… drink! This seems to make sense to me. Do like I do and drink throughout the entire day, even and especially when you don’t feel thirsty. There are no problems with drinking water so just do it!

I find it helps curb the odd craving, ontop of making me feel full longer and solving that whole thirsty thing. So do it! Go drink some water now! J

A Male Perspective

You’re thirsty because you’re not drinking enough water. Why though? Who honestly cares about the science these days! Just drink some water!


2. Can Protein Powders Help You Not Feel Hungry In Between Meals?

Uhm… this is a weird one to answer. Yes and no I guess? Now I know a lot of people will make a shake in replacement of meals, but I personally don’t find that protein powder ever really filled me up, especially since I mixed mine with water and always opted for a little-to-no carb fat free protein powder.

I know some of the bodybuilders I follow will chug down protein shakes in replacement of one or two of their meals. You also have to remember that there are two kinds of protein powders (well okay… there are more obviously, but there are two that I used) whey protein powder which is meant to be absorbed by the muscles quickly and casein protein powder which gels in your tummy and is meant to be released slowly (such as overnight).

I wouldn’t choose protein powder as a snack in between meals, I would pack cut up veggies in snack bags or even slices of fat free chicken or turkey, or just small portions of chicken breasts or something (sorry, I’m really not big on snacking… I don’t know of a lot of options.) You could also try the 5-6 meals approach and change one or two of those for protein shakes.

I take my protein shakes one for breakfast, and then one after my weight training so that the amino acids and such get shot right into my awaiting muscles. Then maybe a casein shake before bed. That is how I would use that product since I have heard it is important if you are snacking, to keep your snacks under 100 calories and a protein shake is what? 115cal?

It might be different for you though, figure out what times work best for you and seem to give you the best results, play around with amounts and timings and maybe take a half-shake in between meals if you are feeling a little hungry or you feel like you need a bit of protein. Everyone is different!

A Male Perspective

Eating protein shakes between meals is okay. Its eating meals in between protein shakes that’s a problem.


3. Is Doing 2 Hours Of Cardio Okay While Following the Dukan Diet?

Hm… No. Not really suggested. You do cardio to raise your heart rate and burn fat. You want to work hard and stay within a fat burning range and I think staying within that range while following a low-carb diet for 2 hours isn’t a good idea.

Especially if you are getting dehydrated while on Dukan, or feeling light headed as is. Dukan actually suggests against doing any heavy exercise while following his diet and as someone who tried to do 1.5 hours of cardio a day following Cruise… I can tell you that it’s possible, but absolutely brutal.

I was grumpy, and not only grumpy… I was a wide-array of emotions, absolutely all over the place. I upped my oat bran to 3tbsp a day and I was still not getting enough fat or carbs in my diet to really get through over an hour of cardio and not pass out while following Cruise. I would not suggest it. I was moody, erratic, and impatient. I was also suffering from continuous exhaustion (an unfortunate side-effect of the Dukan Diet for me) and doing that much cardio… oh man. Just did not gel well with me and with the diet.

Of course if you are going for a walk, walking your dog, a light jog even, maybe 2 hours wont be so bad. If you are doing it every once in a while because you are training for… I don’t know, a marathon maybe? Then go for it. See how you feel though and if you feel light headed please stop and drink some water or slow down.

A Male Perspective

Can you do 2 hours of cardio a day? After seeing Constance do it… its entirely possible but you’ll probably hate your life.


4. Is Following the Attack Phase for 20 Days Okay?

Well… no. Don’t follow the Attack Phase for 20 days. While reading the Dukan book when I originally started Dukan (about a year and 3 months ago) I made the decision to follow the Attack Phase for 10 days. I didn’t know about the website where I could calculate my true weight, where Dukan suggests an amount of days to follow each phase.

Dukan states in his book that if you are an ‘incredibly motivated person’ and have over 100lbs to lose you could do the Attack Phase for 10 days, which is why I made that decision. I lost 8lbs doing so. I would never suggest doing it for over 10 days, this past time around I followed Attack for 5 days, but then proceeded to eat little to no veggies throughout the next week or so. So I was on Cruise… but I was still technically following an Attack Phase since I was not eating vegetables (the main difference between the two phases).

I’ll tell you one thing, once I started eating vegetables I felt so much better. I felt more awake and less grumpy. It also helped to have a bit of variety added to my meals, making the whole experience less monotonous and myself more likely to stick with it.

So no, don’t do a 20 day Attack Phase. I generally suggest 1 day for every 10lbs you want to lose, or if you want to try toughing it out, go for max 10 days and then enjoy the veggies and variety that come with the Cruise Phase.

Also, think about WHY you want to do a 20 day Attack Phase? Do you think this will help you lose the weight faster? Calm down, take it slow, enjoy the experience. You will drop the weight fast enough with veggies included so just be a bit patient. The weight drops!

A Male Perspective

No don’t do the attack phase for 20 days. Its a dumb idea.


5. How Many Carbs Per Day on Dukan?

Well here are the daily oat bran allowances per phase:

Attack Phase – 1.5tbsp

Cruise Phase – 2tbsp

Consolidation – 2.5tbsp

Stabilisation – 3tbsp

Otherwise you can get carbs from your veggies. You are not allowed high carb vegetables while following Dukan like carrots, corn and potatoes but you do get carbs from other, allowed veggies like lettuce and other greens, cauliflower, etc.

Hope that answers your question. :S No carbs allowed, like alcoholic beverages, pastas, breads, only oat bran and veggies.

A Male Perspective

The amount of carbs a day on Dukan depends on your phase.



FAQ: What Are My Plans For After Competition?

November 3rd is when I plan on competing in my first figure competition. I will do it, I will make it, you will see!

But what about after this date?

I am telling you right now, even if I place dead last I will compete again in June of 2013. I feel like I didn’t really have the tools to compete this fall until late. If I had begun to take exercise seriously earlier on in the year I would be 100% ready by November, but since I started from ZERO, weak as a baby, until very recently… I don’t feel like I am being given a really adequate chance here.

So I will bust my butt and compete in June, absolutely.

When it comes to diet, what will I do though?

I have read a few blog posts and suggestions from the pros who warn against just bingeing after a competition, throwing diets away and doing whatever. Weight gain, embarrassment, bloating… feeling like a failure. No thanks!

I have a couple different instances I have planned to cheat, I have to be honest here.

I will cheat on the Dukan Diet on my birthday (September 1st). I did not do so last year and it is still my absolute biggest regret with this entire situation. I have not had birthday cake in over a year now and on my 21st birthday I will be indulging. No guilt at all about this. I will eat cake, ice cream and I will have my mothers pasta dish or Gabriel’s Pizza and that is final.

I will also cheat the day of my show or the day after. I know right before I go on stage I NEED to eat a carb (they suggest a Mars bar or box of Smarties) because your body is so carb depleted that your muscles SOAK up the carbs and they stick out like crazy. Some competitors also take a shot of vodka before going on stage to make their veins pop out more.

If I have to I will do it as well… but as it is I am INCREDIBLY vascular, so maybe not.

The night of my show or the day after I want to go out to dinner with my family. A restaurant meal maybe or a party at my parents home. I really want to celebrate and I plan on cheating, absolutely.

No idea what I will be craving in November, but it’s happening.

Also, I don’t plan on cheating Thanksgiving, but I will cheat Christmas Eve with my family.

But that’s it. ABSOLUTELY no cheating other than those planned cheats. I will be brave, I will be strong. I know I always say it, but this time I MEAN IT AND I HAVE A PLAN. I am sticking to it, I am being consistent and I am going to get the absolute best results I can for my show. I don’t want anyone to say I didn’t put in 100%!

After my cheat meal on November 3rd or 4th with my family I plan on going straight to Consolidation. This seems like the best bet for me and I am very excited for my two slices of bread a day and fruit. I will not drop dieting as a whole because I know myself and I really need the strict confines of the Dukan Diet right now, I am not in a place mentally where I can allow myself to make all the decisions for myself.

I will REALLY enjoy those weekly cheat meals though, and will use them as an opportunity to reconnect with friends I have been putting on the backburner for my training, as well as being social for a bit.

I will continue with my training after my show and since I will be eating the carbs allowed in Phase 3 of Dukan I will have the energy to grow. I want to gain so much muscle before my June show, just go crazy and bring my all Spring 2013! J

Hope that answers your questions and concerns, until next time!