A Word on Addiction

H – ungry

A – ngry

L – onely

T – ired

A goooood good friend of mine who is a member of AA was talking to me about addiction and this resonated with me, so I would like so share because absolutely… absolutely do I have an addiction to food.
Let me rephrase… to BAD food. To chips and junk. To binges.

Oooh man, the binges. It is an addiction.

So, addiction to food, binges, it’s all relatable to something like an alcohol or narcotics addiction. You see that these groups of people, like AA, NA have come up with processes to help people with their addictions, dealing, getting over them. Now I’m not saying necessarily that the weight loss community could benefit from having groups like these put in place, but learning from the teachings, methods put in place by people in recovery or trying to recover from other kinds of addictions, can help and teach us ways to cope with our different addictions, mine being food, perhaps yours as well.

Usually when you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired… you aren’t really thinking straight which can lead to a relapse, those cravings. Since you aren’t thinking logically, rationally. Especially a combination of more than one of these things can lead you to do stupid things, such as cheating on your diet. Something that can help you with these triggers, could just be as simple as recognizing these symptoms!

So that’s just a quick thought, do you agree? Disagree? Leave me a comment down below!



What is Keeping Me From Cheating Right Now – And You Can Too!

New strategy, as always, for not cheating. It’s working and I can see it keeping me focused for the entirety of my prep.

It’s working, and it HAS WORKED BEFORE. That is the key here, I am doing something, or rather, using a method to keep me accountable that I have done in the past and that worked fabulously (I mean… I lost 115lbs this way!)

You are itching… well what is it?

I thought this through thanks to an e-mail from a reader actually, she wanted to know if I had any tips and while thinking about it I remembered what I did when I first started Dukan over a year ago, and what got me through the majority of my weight loss following the diet.

I had a little booklet I bought at Dollarama where I wrote my weight every single day for months and months and MONTHS. Just the date and my weight.

Then at the back of the booklet were my goals. I talk a lot about goals, they are vital.

The key here, to my early success while following Dukan, was what I wrote out beside my goals.

A self-imposed reward system!

At 25lbs lost I got my helix pierced (upper ear), I had some for every milestone, a week following the diet I bought new shoes, I had them all the way to 100lbs lost I would get a tattoo.

Well the reward system gave me that extra push through my weight loss until about 75lbs where I found I didn’t need to write out my weight anymore, or remind myself daily about my goals and rewards, I didn’t have to, the diet was a habit, something I was happy to do and the weight loss became a reward in itself.

So no, I never got that tattoo, to my mothers absolute relief.

I thought about it last night and decided that I would give myself rewards to accompany my goals, see if that gave me an extra little push to stay focused.

Would you believe I had the BEST dieting day I have had in FOREVER yesterday? I stuck with every single plan I made, I didn’t even have a teensy craving for anything, I did an hour of cardio and then 2 hours of weight training and really pushed myself.

I lost 2.2lbs.

It is almost the end of today’s workday and I have to say, the same thing can be said for today! No cravings, no wanting anything not allowed. I am doing really well!

I have only thought up one reward so far, and I have one of my friends who is dieting on board with me. If I don’t cheat from yesterday all the way through to Saturday I will get a new ear piercing (that I have been wanting for some time) with her and if she doesn’t cheat we will go out to see Dark Knight together.

I want to take the time, sit down and think up of more rewards that I really want to help keep me focused. Just thinking about a few of them… I can guarantee you I wont be straying from my program until competition.

Make good choices today and seriously take the time to think of an excursion, a treat, a pair of really nice workout pants… that you want but haven’t really justified getting for yourself yet, create a SOLID goal to surround the reward and then have the discipline to achieve that goal… and then treat yourself!

It works!


August Commitments, Goals, and Promises

Goal setting, so very important. I have touched on this before but whether you are making goals for yourself subconsciously or taking the time to think and write them out for yourself… they are there, they are what pushes you forward and make you successful at achieving your dreams.

Short-term goals, long-term goals, promises to yourself and commitments, they are key to getting healthier, and to staying or becoming FIT.

I see it all over other blogs, mini goals, you might not have thought to yourself that you are really ‘goal setting’ or gone through, consciously, the steps to creating a solid goal, but you did. Setting goals for weight loss is very easy because all the components to weight loss are easily tracked and can be calculated.

You want to drop inches and see that scale drop. You want to drop body fat and visually see yourself get thinner; all this usually by a certain date or time of the year: Christmas with your family, bikini season, by your birthday, etc.

You might not have gone through all the SMART steps consciously, but all the key elements to goal setting are there!

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Realistic
T – Timely

Did you achieve any of your fitness or weight loss goals for July? Take the time to sit down and figure out what you want to DO with your August, make this YOUR month to be productive and take the steps towards being an overall healthier and fitter person! For many of you this is the last month of Summer, make it count!

I have made commitments to myself for the month of August, goals, both fitness and weight loss related. I want to share them with you, as well as showing you the steps I will take to achieving those goals by the end of the month and making sure I stay on track.

You should get a notepad, or journal, write out your goals, your promises to yourself for August. Keep it, look through it every once and a while throughout this month and make sure you are staying on track with your dreams, make sure you are still taking actions towards achieving those goals.

By the end of the month, scratch out the goals you achieved, and start over with new goals for September. Have your dreams changed since last month? Maybe the goals you set in August weren’t as achievable as you thought they were, so adjust your next months goals. Try again, always!

My Goals, Commitments, Promises

I will try to be prepared, and more prepared. To think ahead when it comes to my meals and meal prep, to make sure I always have enough food on me and to never skip a meal. I will not force myself into buying food while I am out because I will always be prepared this August.

August is a no cheat month! I will go through all of August without a single cheat meal and I will celebrate by having one cheat meal on my birthday (September 1st!) This is a commitment I am making to myself, for myself.

I will buy my shoes and suit for competition this August, I will have looked into it and bought one of the two by halfway through the month.

I will let go of guilt, the guilt of cheating on my diet in the past, the guilt of not being able to make a workout or taking a day off from the gym. The unnecessary guilt I put on myself for letting anyone down but myself.

I will single-dumbbell row at 80lbs for one set of 6 by the end of the month. (Current is 70lbs for 6)

I will leg press at 300lbs for 10 by the end of the month. (Current is 280lbs for 7)

I want to see quad and shoulder definition by the end of the month as well as getting rid of the excess skin on my belly by my birthday.

I want to take a yoga, pole dancing, or kettlebell class during August, and push myself out of my comfort zone.

I will drop down to 150lbs by the end of the month (todays weigh in: 164lbs), if achieved by mid-month (with no cheating I can’t see it being a huge issue…) my new goal will be to get down to 145lbs by the end of the month.


& That’s it! Not very many goals, I have a couple other fitness ones that are short term but they wont be my focus for August, they would just be nice to achieve, all written in my journal.

Have a good day you guys, drink your water, write out some goals and then take the steps towards achieving them! It’s a brand new month, a brand new you!



In this post I will address one of the forms of sabotage I have experienced along the way, throughout this entire journey. We will take a look at sabotage from your partner, which is a big issue. I hope to make another post relatively soon on the other forms of sabotage like sabotage by the conscious and unconscious self as well as sabotage by friend or fat-friend. But for now, let’s focus.

Now you might be sitting here, thinking, woah woah there Constance… not MY huzzband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, lover! Never in my life! They are super supportive, amazing, loving and would NEVER EVER sabotage me.

Well that’s nice. I’m happy to hear that. I am not saying your significant other will, has, or is sabotaging you. I am sharing my experience with the topic and letting you know that it DOES happen. In fact, the majority of women I have talked to have told me that yes, their partner has tried to sabotage their weight loss attempts in the past!

But why? And how?

While following Dukan I was not sabotaged by Prawn, but in my past weight loss attempts, yes, he has tried, sneakily, and (as he puts it) subconsciously to sabotage me.

Prawn has admitted to this, why did he do it? Because he was self-conscious about himself. He wasn’t happy with the way he looked. He thought that if I lost weight I would look WAY TOO HOT and would leave him for someone better, that my weight and looks were the only thing keeping me with him and if I lost the weight and got confident I would be out in a jiffy.

Now this is all not true, and we have discussed it. This was just his subconscious thought process at the time.

So what can you do if your partner is sabotaging you, consciously or not?



I am going to have a ton of angry husbands e-mailing me ‘WHAT DID YOU SAY TO MY WIFE!!!’
I was kiiiiidding!!! ;3

So, seriously, what can you do?

Well you can start off by communicating to him or her that you need their support with this. Explain to them WHY you want to lose weight, why you want to be healthier, or in better shape. Tell them why it’s important to you, and then explain to them what their support will do for you.

So the conversation can go:

‘I need to lose weight because I feel a lot of pain in my knees lately and I think it’s because of my weight gain. I am not happy with how I look, I don’t feel sexy. I really need you to support me on this diet, or with this lifestyle change, because it works if you follow it and I know sometimes my willpower will get weak and you can set me straight.’


‘I need to get fit because I feel flabby and gross. I am not comfortable in my skin. I need you to support me with going to the gym every day this week because I find it hard to motivate myself and if you aren’t backing me up on this I will have an even harder time.’

You should also let your partner know ways in which he or she can support you, since the term is kindof loose. These are ways I have asked Prawn to support me:

  • If I say I am not going to the gym tell me that I will feel much better if I actually go, if I feel like I don’t have time to go, help me make time or plan our schedules around it.
  • ‘Force’ me to go to the gym. Make comments that make me feel guilty for not going, try to help me realise I made a commitment to myself to be consistent with my gym attendance. Turn the car around and drive me to the gym if necessary.
  • When he sees I am about to cheat, I have given him permission to tell me something about my weight. I know this seems weird but feeling ‘judged’ by someone usually helps me put something down.
  • On the other hand, if after he makes a comment I still don’t want to stop, he has to stop pushing because sometimes I just wanna cheat and stubborn as I am, there is nothing he can do to stop me at that point and if he continues he will just hurt my feelings.
  • He understands that my meal prep takes a while and to respect the food I have prepped and set aside for myself for the next day.

Now know that there is a difference between supporting someone and doing all the work for them. I don’t expect Prawn to know what I am allowed and not allowed in my diet. I haven’t sat him down and told him ‘so I am allowed 6oz of basa at 11:30am, etc etc) It’s my diet, he isn’t following it. So if I cheat and he doesn’t even know it’s cheating, well he can’t be blamed.

I would never blame Prawn for my cheating because he didn’t stop me. It’s my choice, always. Supporting someone means if you can, help them make a good decision. Sabotaging someone is enticing them to cheat, seeing that they are cheating and not saying anything, encouraging someone to not go to the gym, making them feel guilty for their new lifestyle choice, etc.

If your partner is consistently sabotaging you, even once you have asked for their support… well that’s not cool. Ask them why they are getting in the way of your goals. Explain to them that you have told them why it’s important for you to be healthier and that it hurts your feelings for them to be actively standing in the way, or making it hard on you to stick to it.

If, like Prawn, the problem is their lack of self confidence, that they don’t want you to get hot and leave them, well let them know how dumb they sound! ;) You chose them, love them, and would never leave them because you are finally happy with yourself. I mean, loving yourself will make everything better for THEM there is no reason why they shouldn’t support you.

Maybe they can lose the weight with you? Make it into a competition?

Let them know that confidence in yourself will resonate in the bedroom, they will love that one!

Just know that you are doing this for yourself. That you need to, want to, and don’t need someone else’s approval or support to go through with it and be successful. It’s all you baby! Keep that willpower strong and hopefully your partner will smarten up, see how sexy you are getting, and change his or her life around as well!

(Oh and feel super-duper sorry for sabotaging you in the first place. I think a foot massage is in order!)

Have a good one, make good choices!

Oh and to the surge of readers from Pinterest… welcome! How are you? Go drink some water!


A Little Motivation Talk

I had someone ask me the other day: ‘What is your motivation?’

This really got me thinking, about motivation, why is it I started Dukan? What pushed me through? What was my motivation and what is my current motivation, that gets me through the day, and makes me go to the gym and eat and train to become a bodybuilder… what is it?

I am not sure actually. I mean for the weight loss I would be absolutely lying if I said I just wanted to get healthy, although, that is a good reason and a good thing to push someone towards losing weight.

Lose weight for your health.

You know what though, as a 19 year old (at the time) I have to admit I had that whole ‘indestructible’ mentality. I still do to an extent, although my eyes have been opened to the terrible health risks I was running. But for me, that wasn’t what pushed me through the Dukan Diet successfully.

What is another reason to lose weight?

Lose weight to look sexier.

I would have to say, probably my biggest motivator was to look good, to look hot. It is probably something that pushes me through currently as well. It can’t be everything though because I lost my breasts (going from an E cup to an… A cup… as of a week ago… someone kill me please…) and you know what, I have noticed that guys pay attention to girls with boobs and cleavage first, even if they are heavier. So sure, I lost weight and am better looking than I was (BY FAR! Have you seen those before pictures? I shouldn’t have been let out of the house!) but I don’t have boobs, and still feel unattractive, like all the time. So that can’t be my main motivator… Well then what is it!?

Lose weight to make clothes shopping easier, less expensive.

I know this seems like a stupid reason. It isn’t at all! Although maybe not what would motivate you in the first place, once you get a taste for shopping in ‘normal people stores’ you never want to let go, ever. It is soooo much cheaper and easier and more fun to go shopping now that I have lost the weight. Everything fits and looks good.

I don’t just buy clothes because : ‘OMG it actually fits and doesn’t look like an old-lady dress’ now, I buy clothes for the STYLE, or because it’s CUTE. This is all new and wonderful and I mean come on! Could I ever buy a 3$ tank top when I was fat? Nope! Never in my life!

You could also :

Lose weight to be less embarrassed.

This is so true and I have heard it time and time again : girls who hide their bodies under baggy clothes, who are embarrassed going to the beach, going to a pool party. Moms who are embarrassed around other moms, women hiding from men, being shy because of their poor self-esteem. I mean, I still have this problem but it has gotten so much better thanks to the weight loss.

To feel more comfortable in your skin and less… well embarrassed, because it is true, I have been on both sides of the coin and you are treated differently as an overweight person.

Lose weight to feel better.

This is a big one. To lose weight to feel physically better, instead of ‘less embarrassed’ which I would say is mentally better. I had really sore ankles, I have overweight friends who have bad backs, I had headaches. Those were all related to the bad foods I was eating consistently as well as my rapid weight gain. Losing weight made me feel amazing. I rarely if ever get headaches, let alone dehabilitating migraines like I would get almost daily when I was overweight. My ankles no longer sprain, Prawn’s health is amazing, no longer has high cholesterol among a billion other health risks he was running risk of while he weighed 353lbs. It’s crazy. They all went away. Now feeling better isn’t just avoiding diabetes, or other serious health problems, but maybe just to get rid of tummy problems related to bad food habits or like I said before: bad headaches.

Lose weight to prove them wrong, or to prove yourself right.

BIG factor in my weight loss, and this is definitely a continuing motivator for me. I guess I’m somewhat defiant? You are always hearing things about fad diets not working, Dukan being one of them that I find is always mentioned. When I tell people about the Dukan Diet the majority of people roll their eyes, some even tell me that I couldn’t keep the weight off for life. I have had bullies really pick on the fact that there is no way the weight loss is maintainable.

When it comes to my bodybuiling I have never been told that I can’t do it by anyone but myself. I am my harshest critic and biggest ‘non-believer’ but I need to prove myself wrong in this case, and push past my comfort zone because that’s all it is.

The thing is, Dukan works. I have maintained my weight loss for 150 days and so has Prawn. We will keep it off for the rest of our lives. We have lost 227lbs combined… that’s insane! We absolutely proved everyone wrong who says it doesn’t work. I achieved my target weight without a hitch and so did he. Now to keep it off is a huge motivator, I absolutely can’t let the people who bullied me be right. I need to keep working hard to show all those idiots that I’m amazing and prove to myself that I can do this.


To motivate myself when I am feeling down I do a few things I thought I would share with you in case you are feeling a little unmotivated today.

  • I will look through pictures of inspiring bodybuilder women with absolutely perfect bodies. You would think that as a self-conscious woman this would demotivate me more than anything, not true. I read interviews with them, think about what they would do in my place. They wouldn’t binge on ice cream, look at those abs! I want to look like them so I shouldn’t binge on whatever either.
  • I look through amazing weight loss transformations. I look through my own before and after pictures. I read your comments, posts, anything inspirational in that sense. Thinking about how far I have come and how much further I want to, and need to go is always a kick in the pants.
  • I call Prawn or my mom. I tell them about where I am at with my headgame. Tell them I need motivation and hope that they give me some. They actually have always come through for me telling me I’m amazing and I work so hard , giving me a boost, making me happy and rejuvenated. It helps.
  • I plan my next week of meals or work outs. This will usually get me to re-focus.
  • I write out new commitments to myself, look in the mirror and state them. Tell myself I can do it. I know it sounds dumb and very cliché but I actually have done it to pump myself up.
  • I work out. Just force myself to the gym (sometimes takes like 20-30 minutes of sitting in the car flip-flopping over whether or not I am actually going to work out or not) then just force myself to go. First few minutes are hell until I get my groove. I am always thankful to have gone. I have never regretted a workout, just doesn’t happen.
  • I read through motivational quotes on the internet. There are a ton of them and I have about a billion saved on my phone. Sometimes just focusing on something else, like facebook or hanging out with a friend is enough to distract you from your cravings.

I can tell you right now what NOT TO DO, don’t allow yourself to binge or cheat (even a teensy bit) if you are feeling unmotivated. This will cause a cycle of pain, guilt, regret that fuelled by your lack of motivation, will just do so much harm to your psyche. Just troop through it, you can reward yourself with a cheat once you are feeling better if that is something you really want or allow yourself with your diet.


Just a Thought: We All Know What It Takes To Succeed

Oh readers, you are consistently my greatest motivators, giving me the kick in the butt when I need it. I want you to know I read and take seriously every single comment and really lately, I have needed the focus.

I hate that it feels like I’m always saying this, but THIS TIME I will stick with my plan, no variations, no justification, no excuses, just strict dieting.

Oh yeah, I know, you have heard it before. You guys should have a bet-thing going on whether or not this time I will stick with it. Well I’m telling you, I’m all gung-ho and going to do it this time!

Why don’t I get discouraged and tell myself… well I have tried a million times, started over a MILLION TIMES! I should just say eff-it and give up.

Well no giving up is allowed, dear readers! Not on my watch!

I mean, when it came to working out, HOW MANY TIMES did I try and try and try again to get my attendance up at the gym? I restarted… I can’t even tell you how many times, or how many times in my lifetime, every time trying something different to get my butt there.

Because that is the key, if you keep trying over and over again, doing the same thing, you wont succeed. Something needs to change for you to see results, it’s different for everybody, but eventually something just clicks.

They don’t need to be drastic changes, try a little twinge of a difference from the last time you tried… am I making sense?

Also, if you never take that first step in saying ‘well this time…’ and starting over, you will never ever know success because you will never TRY! It’s all about trying and putting in the effort!

Well, a thought from one of my fantastic motivators: You know what it takes to succeed.

This is so true. For the most part, we all know what it takes to lose the weight, we know what cheating is, we know what we are not allowed. We just justify to ourselves why we should be allowed that banana at 10pm, those drinks with our friends, that snack after dinner-time.

We tell ourselves that we will restart tomorrow, we tell ourselves that it’s stupid to not be allowed a handful of strawberries in the afternoon… and then end up eating one or two tubs full AND a slice of pineapple… even though we know we aren’t allowed on our diet.

Too specific?

I know how I feel after a binge-cheat (oh yeah… so last night I had ANOTHER! I feel like crap…)

I know that when it comes to me, one thing always leads to another and it all spirals out of control. I can’t be allowed that first bite! I KNOW THIS ABOUT ME SO WHY DO I ALWAYS TAKE THAT FIRST BITE AAAARGGGG!

And another thing… What if someone out there looks up to me? What if there is someone sitting at their computer who actually LOOKS UP TO ME… thinks I have willpower for having lost 113lbs, wants to lose weight like I did… looks to me for advice, reads my blog… and I am always disappointing them with my binges… my lack of confidence, my recent weight gain, when I don’t hit the gym for a few days at a time (probably the next step in my self-destruction).

Well that sucks! I can’t do that! If my weight loss motivated one person, and they read through my story like ‘I want to do that!’ If they think that because I did it then they can do it to… and then I cheat and binge and eat too much fruit at night even though I know I shouldn’t and I go out and eat massive portions of protein… EVEN THOUGH I KNOW I SHOULDN’T then I might discourage them from their own journeys… I would never EVER want to do that.

Oh man, it’s like, another layer of guilt, ontop of the guilt of cheating and being bad. I just can’t handle it.

So I need to make a commitment to myself. To be good. I am 18 weeks away from November 3rd. I still got this! I can do this!

Yes I know, I KNOW I always do this, but this time, it’s for real ok!

What am I doing differently this time?

I am writing here, a list of commitments to myself, and NO VARIATIONS or excuses. I will also provide a list of BANNED justification phrases, the excuses I give myself and how they snowball. Well from now on I am not allowed to think them, not allowed to act on them. Come on Constance, focus focus focus! This is so important to me and I know this time I can do it, for myself, for you guys. I know, as we all do, what we should and should not do. No more ignoring the good food angel on my shoulder for the inner fat-me that wants to come out, clearly. Just strict dieting from now on!

Constance’s Commitments to Herself

In terms of fruit I will only ever allow myself a banana, only in the morning with my pancake.

  • I always make this rule for myself when I commit to being strict.
  • The way I morph this into becoming a fruit binge is when I don’t have a banana at home but have apples, blueberries, blackberries or strawberries.
  • I end up adding half a cup of whatever or an entire apple to my protein pancake, telling myself that I am allowed other fruits as well.
  • Next thing I know I am eating the banana AND the other fruit the next day.
  • Then I eat fruit during the day, just a portion.
  • Then fruit binge in the morning because I tell myself I will have all day to burn it off.
  • Lastly fruit binge at night.

In terms of protein I will only eat the allowed meats: pork tenderloin, chicken breasts, thighs, and white fish. I will eat at max one steak a week.

I will only eat 2 egg yolks a day.

I will watch my portion sizes and will absolutely not eat after dinner and at night other than a protein shake before bed.

  • When it comes to eating at night I think to myself that I have had enough protein shake for the day but need to drink one before bed… well I have leftovers, or can make myself meat or eggs, or a pancake with the protein powder, so it’s ok.
  • Turns into nightly eating or binge eating after dinner, since for some reason after dinner I know I’m doing something bad anyway so I don’t care about portion sizes as much.
  • Turns into eating not-allowed foods after dinner, like chicken bacon with no fat processed cheese, or fruit right before bed. Can also turn into binge-eating allowed proteins with WAY too big portions right before bed.

I will not allow myself any ‘happy meals’ or cheat meals.

  • I have never had a single Celebration, Cheat, or Happy Meal that I didn’t binge for and didn’t regret the next day. I have been having them on and off since February 6th and if my experience isn’t enough to tell me I simply can’t allow myself them, because EVERY TIME they turn into a binge… well I’m dumb if I don’t get the hint.
  • So I can’t allow myself them to begin with, since I know I can’t control myself. I’m given an inch and I take a mile.
  • When I make the commitment to myself that I wont allow myself a cheat meal I always justify it to myself the exact same way: I shouldn’t miss out on this memory by not joining my family or friends at eating for this event. My coach says I can have a cheat meal, I should just do it, he says it’s ok.
  • Or I will say that other girls must binge-too, I am working out hard so it will balance it.
  • Or I will say that I deserve the cheat meal, that it’s healthy for me to have a cheat meal (mentally or physically healthy because I am missing nutrients with my diet)
  • I will justify it by saying that I will regret it if I don’t have a cheat meal.
  • I will say that the person knows I have had other cheat meals and will be upset if I tell her or him that ‘well now I can’t have one… even though last week I did’
  • I think to myself that my birthday… well I need to cheat for my birthday. NO! No cheat meals allowed, no excuses at all. I can have cheat meals after my competition. I have not done anything to deserve them and I ALWAYS feel like shit after. There is absolutely no point. This is my commitment to myself, no slip ups.

That’s all I can think of for now. Just a few things to get me started. I have stayed consistent with my water drinking, I don’t want to cut out or down on coffee even though seriously… I do drink too much.

I don’t want to burden myself with change by making the commitment to go to the gym on my days off from weight training and doing 45 min of cardio at 6am… although I think that if I can get the dieting down again, that will be the next step.

I can do this. Stay motivated you guys, I will snap out of this dieting funk and be there for you again soon! Just keep your chin up and make me proud in the mean time. I can get back on track, I can start seeing results again. I will be a sexy, fit, hardworking bodybuilder by November, I guarantee it!


Too Sweet For Sweetener ;)

I know I promised some of you a ‘Exactly What I Ate In Cruise’ post… seems I’m having a bit of trouble concentrating enough to write it all out. I have the intro and conclusion all typed out but for the life of me am I ever having trouble remembering what I ate back then.
Prawn says he remembers, will talk to him when I get home from work.
Big shout out to my little-est sister, graduating from grade 6 today! Congratulations, we all knew you would make it this far. ;) Love you so so much. xoxo
So instead of tackling what I ate in phase 2, I will address another itty-bitty concern brought to my attention by the same reader: Sweetener. Just a little blurb on the subject.
So number 1, sweetener like aspartame or sucralose are found in diet drinks, as well as other products meant for people who are trying to avoid sugar. The best sweetener (meaning the cleanest and ‘healthiest’) are (to my knowledge) the ones like Stevia, that are more natural and less chemical. So if you are using a lot of sweetener I would suggest going that route.
Also, I found while following Dukan that I was using a lot of sweetener, in my galette, in my Dukan muffins and most recently, in my coffee.
My mom (not a big fan of the artificial-ness and chemical-ness of sweetener) told me to cut back by one pack in my galette and see if that helps (since I was using 2-3 every morning). I cut down to 1 sweetener and seriously did not see a difference in the taste.
When I was making a batch of Chocolate Carrot Muffins (SUCH a yummy way to get your daily oat bran in) I was using 8 or more packets of Splenda. My mom suggested I cut that in half and would you believe I ACTUALLY didn’t see a difference in taste!
Maybe my brain is tricking me into thinking sweetener actually does anything?When it comes to my coffee the first few days I was using 3 sweetener, this time on my own I thought… well what if I cut down? Now I usually drink it black or with one sweetener and I find I prefer it that way. Just by weaning myself off it.

& Believe me, I have the BIGGEST sweet-tooth ever. I grew up in a French Canadian household where we ate dessert every night and holidays and weekends are just filled to the brim with delicious home-made treats. I’m not saying I have grown out of this (not even a little) but I am saying that using a ton of sweetener actually doesn’t affect the taste in a positive way (in my opinion).
So maybe if you are used to using 2 or 3 sachets of sweetener in your morning galette, cut back by one, see if the taste is any different. I don’t use any in my morning protein pancake now, I will use one in my coffee in the morning and I don’t use sweetener for anything else. It’s weird considering how much I was using before!
What to do for your sweet-tooth? This is something I have had trouble figuring out my entire journey, especially during Cruise and Attack where you are not allowed fruit. I have had trouble from day one not bingeing on anything I discovered to taste sweet.
I have had phases while following Dukan where I would just go absolutely crazy eating yogurt, greek yogurt, drinking diet pop, anything to get that sweet feeling. In consolidation I did the same with fruit. Just bingeing, with no control or willpower on my part. Sometimes I think about the days I would drink not 2, but 4L of diet coke after work, just to get that sweet-tooth satisfaction.
It’s just bad.
My suggestion to you is to just cut it all out. Wean yourself off the sweet-stuff and save it for special occasions or experiment with different Dukan-friendly dessert recipes but only allow yourself a piece. There are some using cocoa that satisfy that sugar craving, and if you can avoid making a batch of Dukan Muffins and then eating them ALL… go for it. I know when I was in Cruise I couldn’t so I had to stop making them. It’s all about knowing yourself and knowing how much control you have over your cravings.
Sometimes you just need to not give into them, and not set yourself up for failure by eating just a tiny bit, when you know in 10 minutes you will be back for more.