Before and After Skirt – Absolutely Motivating

This is a photo I have been sitting on for quite some time. It is powerful, or at least… I feel as though it is. Every time I look at it I just get this weird feeling. It’s both a good and bad feeling.

Good because I found the willpower and strength to change this whole situation around for myself, before I had any long-term health problems…

Bad because I let myself get this way. Did I really not see this?

Sometimes I think to myself that I don’t look any different then I used to. That 115lbs isn’t something to boast or brag about. It was easy, it isn’t that much weight, etc. I don’t see the difference in myself.

I absolutely have problems seeing myself as a skinny girl, I still find problems with my belly, my thighs and butt, my arms. I am getting fitter and I hope with time my self-image will change.

When I need that extra boost of confidence though, I think to this photo… this shows a change, this is a PHYSICAL proof that I have lost weight… quite a bit of it: 115lbs so far and still losing.

Dukan really changed my life around. Following the rules of the diet to a T, everything outlined in his book as strictly as possible… it really saved me.

The black skirt (2011) was my all-time favourite skirt when I was heavier. I have posted photos of it in the past. I wore it almost every day. I think it is a size 24. This new skirt is one I wear when I go out sometimes, but fits me the same way my other skirt did. It’s a size 4.

They are both high-waisted, knee length, pencil skirts. When I touch the black one now I remember the feel of the material, but it feels like a sheet to me. I hold it next to me and it feels like one of Prawns old t-shirts I find in the laundry sometimes, it doesn’t seem like that familiar skirt.

It’s weird, but moving for me.

The diet was hard at times, I had my moments, but generally the time went by so very quickly, the process was simple, the results instant.

I mean, I lost all my weight in only 8 months!

If a disorganised, lazy-as-can-be 19 and then 20 year old woman can follow this diet and see results like this… without a single minute of exercise and little to no education on nutrition… you don’t think maybe it’s time you take that step, or continue to succeed with this diet? If I can, you can, and I’m absolutely serious about that.

Just a thought for today. Make good choices.



Things I Learned Along the Way

(That I Wish I Knew When First Starting Dukan)

When I started Dukan I jumped in feet first. I had (barely) read the book and was mostly going off what my grand-maman had told me about the diet. I hadn’t even gone online to figure out my true weight, that’s how not-researched I was about the Dukan Diet.

I just started, I didn’t wait until I was in a good mood, I didn’t have a huge ‘last meal’ cheat-binge-thing. I talked about it that night with Prawn (after a huge cry-fest about how much I hated myself, my body, and how I felt hideous… but you know that all already.)  and the next morning I was on Dukan and have never looked back!

Well obviously when you just jump into this kind of thing, uneducated about nutrition and such as I was… there are a few things you learn along the way you wish you knew at first. Hopefully this experience of mine will help you through your journey.

Water (Drink It… Like Now)

This one is HUGE and very important, so it is first on the list. If you are going to read any of them, read this one.

WATER! So important and I wish I had known from the start!

You might be aware that for the longest time I had a really hard time getting in my daily water. Like by longest time I mean… my entire life. Back when starting Dukan both Prawn and I rarely drank water. If I drank liquid it would be diet coke, I could go 3-4 days not drinking a SINGLE glass of water.

At about 3 months in though, Prawn almost fainted. He got really sick, light-headed, his blood pressure was low. There was obviously a problem. Well, he was dehydrated.

He continued to not drink enough water, even after his Doctor told him that was something he absolutely needed to start doing… and he got even more sick. Actually a lot of people I tell about Dukan start and get sick. I am under the impression that is because they are not just… drowning themselves in water.

You will know that I drink A TON of water daily. Above 8L a day, and that isn’t including my coffee. I am thirsty for it, the diet makes it so important to drink water. I believe that is because of the high acidity of the foods we are eating on Dukan (meat is very acidic, there is a lack of alkaline foods allowed). Also, your body is flushing out the toxins released when your fat cells are shrinking, your kidney and liver are working overtime producing more toxins. Your body is… well toxic. You need to drink water to flush it all out.

So get used to it, start drinking water like now. Immediately. I mean it, go get a glass.

You back? Ok. Now get another glass.

Portion Control

This is a big one I mention sort of frequently. The diet, although at first, is about eating unlimited amounts of allowed foods, does eventually become about portion control.

I’m telling you straight up, if you are just starting YES go eat unlimited amounts of the foods. It helps curb cravings, it helps, it works. Do it and don’t be afraid.

It took both Prawn and I until we had lost a whopping 100 pounds before we hit the portion control part of the diet. So don’t worry, you probably have a lot of time, and you might not even get to this point, I’m just sharing my experience.

Still, the transition is a hard one to make. It took Prawn 7 months of plateau before he changed his habits and started worrying about portion control while I adjusted almost immediately and got the results I wanted.

I think your body (it took us 7 months of Dukan to get to this point btw) just gets used to the diet, you need to switch it up to lose weight. Like I said I have a ton of posts dedicated to this whole thing.

Like this one.

& This one.

Or maybe this one.

Just read them, and know right now, that you can stuff your face as much as you want, but don’t get too comfy, if you want to be successful on the diet and hit that goal weight you might have to start controlling your portions eventually.


This could have saved me many many many exhausted days. As you no doubt know (because I’m always whining about it) since starting Dukan I have been simply put… exhausted every single day. It doesn’t matter how much I sleep, or sleep in. It doesn’t matter.

I could sleep 12 hours, take a nap midway through the day and still feel absolutely exhausted.

A recent discovery of mine, however, has made this ‘all-day-tired-feeling’ that just simply wont go away… better, and even dare I say it… cured! In a way. Coffee… I would never touch the stuff because I thought it tasted and smelt just gross… and it did, until I drank that second cup of it and felt awake for the first time in a year.

Now I drink it (black) every day, in the morning, like a regular adult! Would you look at me now! I wish I had known from the start, bah. But we live, we learn.

Before Picture & Measurements

This is actually a HUGE one for me. When I started Dukan I was under the impression that I would give up after 3-7 days and would be back to eating as I was and not caring about my weight (all the while ballooning up to over 265lbs… what in the world was I thinking!?) so, before I took the first step I didn’t do anything special, like measurements or a good, solid, in underwear before picture.

I’m so DUMB! Man, in retrospect, biggest mistake I made, not being able to fully track my progress from the beginning with measurements and not having that before picture to really sell my story.

So, seriously, if you are thinking of starting a diet, or you have already, TAKE PICTURES like right now! In your underwear, no one has to see them but you. Do it naked if you please just get those pictures! I used to delete all the bad pictures of me off other people’s cameras, I would untag myself on facebook… now I have barely any good before pictures, especially not at my heaviest and I REALLY regret it.

Heidi Klum took a picture of herself after every day after she had her baby, a naked picture of herself every day so she could track her progress losing the baby fat. I WISH I HAD DONE THAT! How amazing would it have been to take a picture of myself every day and really see the progress over time? I’m not saying do that… it would be a little hard to co-ordinate and what if you miss a day? Well then you are screwed… but still, I think it’s such a good idea and I wish I had done it.

Actually Eat The Oat Bran (& Eat It Consistently)

I’m sure you do this already, but if not (and I know I didn’t at first… for about 3 months) EAT YOUR OAT BRAN! Even now that I have switched my diet up a little (to more of a… modified phase 2) I still eat my daily oat bran, and I am pretty sure I will for the rest of my life.

I was weirded out by oat bran actually. I am not sure what about it, I was too lazy to make the galette (still a morning staple) and didn’t know what else to do with the oat bran. Now I know there are SO MANY delicious options. You can make the pancake, muffins, cookies, or just put it in your yogurt (yummy!), so many options!

Just get it in, I’ll tell you, it keeps everything ‘moving as it should’ if you know what I’m sayin’ :P Very consistent bowel movements, I don’t have any problems in that department since starting with oat bran and I wish I had just started from the beginning!

It also helps with variety since once you add oat bran you can ‘bake’ and make yourself treats like cookies and other yummy dessert-type foods. So just do it!

Liquid Egg Whites Are NOT Super-Gross

I know this one for anyone who does use liquid egg whites will seem a little weird. Maybe you never experienced this but for the longest time I was wasting so many eggs daily, since I would just throw out the egg yolks or give them to the dogs (apparently makes their fur nice and shiny.)

Well I’m not a big fan of wasting and actually, Prawn would get kind of upset and mad, also not a fan of wasting. But I didn’t want to eat all that many egg yolks (unlike Prawn, who has been consistently eating like 6 whole eggs a day this entire experience) but I avoiding liquid egg yolks because to be honest… I was convinced they had a gross texture (uncooked) and would be like… semen consistency.


Aaaand they are not. Clearly. They are water-consistency. I’m silly, ah well.

I go through almost 500ml a day of egg whites now, its pure protein, easy to eat, makes egg-white quiches, omelettes, my pancake, just so easy to make and doesn’t waste a ton of egg yolks. They are a huge staple in my diet and I wish I had started sooner! Would have saved me money, time, and yolks!


I saved the best for last because honestly… this one is a biggie. Actually wow, this post has taken me a WHILE to write… I digress.

Exercise… this one is last because I am contradicting a post I wrote in the beginning of this blog. I wrote it about how exercise is dumb (basically) and you don’t need to do it at all when following a diet and losing weight.

Woooow… the things I say sometimes. I remember telling countless people to not bother working out, that weight loss was possible without it. I was so uneducated about everything and I really hope no one took me seriously… probably the biggest mistake I ever told anybody.

Exercise! I wish I had done so from the start! I’m not talking 30 minutes of cardio a day to help you drop weight, I’m talking weight lifting (yes, women, you too!) to keep everything firm, to get stronger, to look sexy. You don’t need to go for a jog every day to lose weight, you don’t need to. I would suggest it, but it’s not necessary.

You should still work out your heart with cardio, and your other muscles through weight training. If I had done so from the start I wouldn’t have this loose skin in my arms and belly that is almost impossible to get rid of. I am working SO HARD and yet it is still being stubborn, and I’m 20!

I read somewhere you have 2 years after losing a colossal amount of weight for your skin to get as tight as its going to get. For it to bounce back to it’s fullest. That’s stressful! But if I had done weight training from the start I wouldn’t have this problem. D’oh!


& That’s it! If I think of any more I’ll post them, but there is my year and a month (as of 2 days ago) of wisdom imparted onto you. Enjoy! ;)

Now go, no cheating, be strong, make good choices as always! Oh and to all my American readers… if you could please read my last post and help me with that, that would be awesome.

Love you guys!


Sunshine, Very Inspirational, and Kreativ Award

I have been so busy with other posts that I have completely pushed to the back burner accepting three awards I was nominated for… a very long time ago unfortunately.

I was nominated for the Sunshine Award and the Very Inspirational Blogger Award by the very amazing Sandi. She just recently returned from China where she was busy oh you know, being a midwife… can you imagine? In China! I am so jealous of her adventures. 

I was also nominated for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award a second time by Lipomachia, a blogger from the U.K. striving for better health after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 

I was nominated for the Sunshine Award a second time by Shannon, a woman testing out the Dukan Diet with the goal of reaching her TW by September 1st of this year… hmmmm… by my birthday? Seems like the perfect date! ;)

The Kreativ award I was nominated by Sonia, who has lost over 110lbs on the Dukan Diet, a very inspiring woman as well. Her transformation has been absolutely incredible.

To be nominated by bloggers that I truly look up to… the feeling is amazing. Thank you.

The Sunshine Award

-Nominated to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world.

To accept I have to answer 7 questions and nominate 10 other bloggers I admire.


Favorite colors: Purple and Green, She-Hulks colors. Those are also Sandi’s fav colors. Too funny.
Favorite Animal: I can tell you my least favorite animal… sharks. Those things are absolutely terrifying.
Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage: Well right now it’s water unfortunately :P
Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook 100% I don’t even use twitter :S
My passion: Female bodybuilding. Nutrition and fitness as well as educating others and myself on the subject.
Prefer getting or giving presents: Giving, it’s always less awkward.
Favorite Pattern: Strange question… plaid?
Favorite Day of the Week: Friday, my least favorite is Tuesday.
Favorite flower: Daisies!

10 Bloggers I Admire:
(So hard to choose! I’m sorry if you have already been nominated for this award, you are all so amazing and inspiring!)

1. Veerukka – I can always look forward to Veerukka’s daily posts, absolutely the most consistent blogger I follow. She is always willing to give her feedback on other blogs. The only blogger where I can actually picture all the items in her closet as she tries to get into shape to fit back into them.
2. Zealous – This mom knows how to rock it, has lost the weight and is now moving on to better, fitter things. Running, lifting weights. Fit is the new skinny and she knows it!
3. Abby Clark – I don’t follow a lot of competitors but she is definitely one I admire. Her posts are informative on both the nutrition and fitness aspect of bikini competing.
4. Mélanie – A friend of mine who is blogging her travels through Wales for the next month. Her new blog is funny, amazing, bilingual, and educational! Check it out. ;)
5. JustJess – My friend’s blog on her health and daily thoughts and experiences.
6. Faf – Ma belle cousine et son blog d’une petite histoire peu banale d’une épopée sans fin en éternelle recommencement. A blog that follow her life and commitments to herself.
7. Chalene Johnson – A joy to read: this woman is so motivational, knowledgeable, and inspirational.
8. Semaras – A blog written by a friend of mine about food, struggle with crisis, and family. Big shout out from me to her and lots of love.
9. Goddess Athlete – A fitness and competition blog full of helpful information.
10. Coco – One of the first bloggers I ever followed, has been going through a rough spot but has not given up, still working towards that Dukan TW.

Very Inspirational Blogger Award

-Nominated to bloggers who write posts that inspire others.

To accept I need to tell you 7 things you might not have known about me as well as nominating 7 bloggers for the award myself. (I awarded 8… couldn’t choose!)

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Constance:

1. I am fully bilingual, I can speak and write in both English and French fluently.
2. I worked for almost 2 years at Mappins Jewelers (same company as Peoples Jewelers, Zales, and Gordons) where I learned to pierce ears, as well as all sorts of information on the trade.  I know a lot about jewellery repair and cost.
3. I love to travel. I have plans to travel through the United States and visit each state before my 25th birthday as well as travelling to the West of Canada (never been, but have visited the East) within the next 2 years.
4. Actually, did you know I am Canadian? I am very proud to be. I live in the Nation’s Capital.
5. I have 4 younger siblings and I love them all and am very proud of each of them.
6. Prawn and I have been together for almost 6 years now. I am 20 and he is 22.
7. I am a big scaredy cat. I am afraid of everything, really. I am afraid of bugs, sharks, spiders, the dark, closets, needles, blood, dots that are too close together, closets, being stabbed in my sleep, mold, and the list goes on!

8 Very Inspiring Bloggers To Me:

1. Melly-Sue – Has proven to everyone that hitting that goal weight and trucking through Consolidation IS possible.
2. Athena Unbound – Have you seen her new bikini pics? This lady has dropped 40 lbs and looks AMAZING! Better than ever!
3. Moonday – After working hard towards her PHD, has recently altered Dukan to fit her lifestyle, making it less of a diet and more of something she can continue on healthily for the rest of her life. One of my all time favorite bloggers, always look forward to her posts.
4. Melliee – With an amazing new website she is ready to take on the world, losing one pound at a time and never looking back. I am so inspired by her continuing progress!
5. S.O.S – Consistently commenting and motivating others in the blogging world, is refusing to let the past bring her down. A mom working towards bettering herself through Dukan. Finding her footing and working towards her goals.
6. Curt and Jamie – I love couples who drop the weight together and these tough cookies are rocking it. Parents going through a rough time, but still working hard and working towards being healthy. I can’t even imagine, so inspiring.
7. Sonia – Her progress and determination is outstanding. Obviously strong-willed and absolutely amazing, it’s hard not to be inspired by her results!
8. Lynda – Amazing woman. Consistent blogger. Her blog is the perfect balance of caring wisdom, and sharing knowledge as well as experience and little bits of her amazing life thrown in.

Kreativ Blogger Award

-Nominated to bloggers who have the ability to ‘transcend traditional ideas’ , who are original, progressive and imaginative with their posts.

To accept I need to tell you 7 things about myself as well as nominating 7 bloggers for the award. Now since for the ‘Very Inspirational Blog Award’ I had to do just that, instead of telling you 7 things about myself I will give you my 7 favorite quotes.

My 7 Favorite Quotes:

1. “A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”
– Walter Gagehot
2. “Some people are settling down, some are settling, and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.”
-Carrie (SATC)
3. “The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind you have to convince.”
-Vince Lombardi
4. “Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”
-William Faulkner
5. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
-Dr Seuss
6. “The only place you can get without a map is lost.”
-Gail Vaz-Oxlade
7. “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”
-Kate Moss

7 Very Kreativ Bloggers To Me:

1. DukanItOut – Has been consistently pumping out delicious Dukan Recipes, I love this site!
2. Janie – Every post carried through with a yummy sounding recipe. Has not posted in a while and I miss her!
3. Sandi – I want everything about Sandi’s life. A mom, a grand-maman, a midwife, a traveller, she is as inspiring as she is awe-worthy. Her Kreativ and consistent blog-posts are always just a joy to read.
4. Roxy-the-thirteenth – A sister of a friend’s art blog, full of sketches and kreativity!
5. Lipomachia – An obviously intelligent woman (based on her regular reads and daily webcomic sections), this woman has committed to changing her habits after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
6. Shannon – Started a facebook group you should all check out HERE. I love the layout of her blog. Shannon tests out recipes and blogs about her experiences and life on the Dukan Diet.
7. Anna – An adventurer whom I would LOVE to live with, even for just a week. The beauty in all the photos found on her blog and the honesty and obvious love of nature. A blogger I really look up to.

I would like to say as a closing statement… that this post took a ridiculous amount of time to write. I really didn’t think it would be so difficult, so enjoy! You all deserve these awards. Love you all!


Is the Weight Really Going Down? – Picture!

My Weight Chart Over a Couple Months Of Cruise

Hi guys! I posted this picture somewhere in my February posts but felt it was time to pull it up again since a couple of women have mentioned to me how frustrated they are with their weight bouncing all over the place. I want to show you that it’s TOTALLY NORMAL!

Look, my weight spiked, it stayed around the same, jumped all over the place but if you look carefully at that purple line… IT DID GO DOWN! While I was dieting I felt like the weight was just not going down, I felt hopeless a lot of the time. When you weigh yourself every day you want to see a decrease every time you weigh yourself right? It’s never ok to see that scale go up. Well, I’m here to tell you to smarten up, because no matter what you do, for some reason or another, no matter how hard you work, the weight will do this, fluctuate like crazy.

It’s a given.

So you haven’t lost weight in a couple weeks? Keep at it, re-evaluate if you are actually doing something wrong, or cheating on the diet (even accidentally) and if you aren’t just work at it, it will drop!

So you are spiking up randomly? That’s fine, it happens!

Want to break through a plateau? Might I suggest:

  1. Cutting out or cutting down on your dairy products (even low or non-fat ones)
  2. Cutting down on your portion sizes
  3. Drinking more water
  4. Mini attack phase

Those are the things that got me through mine, and I had a few nasty ones.

Above all else just keep your chin up and NEVER give up. You want to look back on your journey and  feel awful about that one time you cheated, or feel like you could have done better. You want to look back and feel proud that you never gave in to temptation, because you are strong and have incredible willpower!

Anyways loves, this is basically the busiest weekend of my life so that’s all for now, happy Sunday, enjoy your day and avoid temptation like the PLAGUE! Make yourself proud and give yourself something to boast about.


Give it 12 Weeks

People have started asking me if I have lost any more weight, which is weird, since I keep fluctuating between 3-5lbs gained.

I do feel a little different in my clothes and I can fit in the 34 B bra I bought that I was spilling out of (a little everywhere) only a month ago? Or so it feels.

Anyways, I don’t know what to think.

I look at my progress pictures, my underwear shots I take every friday, which, maybe in a few weeks I will be brave enough to show you, and there is some teensy progress. I don’t feel like it’s nearly enough and I don’t feel like it’s visible to anyone but me.

But hey, I have had like, quite a few people ask me.

So maybe I just can’t see it.

They say when working out it takes:

4 weeks for you to notice the difference,
8 weeks for your friends and family to notice,
and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.

So no matter what you should give it your all for 12 weeks.

I have been doing this for over 5 weeks now, so I’m creeping up to friends and family territory.

I still don’t feel like a bodybuilder. We will see with time, more progress!

How is your fitness going this week? Have you achieved your expectations? Have you done your Dukan-recommended walking? Doesn’t take too long, and it’s ok for any level of fitness, walking is great.

That’s all I’m leaving you with today, have a good one you guys. Don’t cheat! I’m watching you! Stay motivated, it gets off and you will look FAAAAB when it’s all over (so soon!)


You Don’t Think You Can Do It: Right Frame of Mind When Starting

Thanks to a friend for the inspiration for this post. Love you and good luck!

Now, I am always saying that any diet works when you are in the right frame of mind when you begin it, with more thought this is simply not true because when Prawn and I started Dukan neither of us was in the right frame of mind, at all.

I was told about the diet by my Grand-maman, as I’m sure you all know. Lovely woman, lost an incredible 75 lbs while following Dukan, and has maintained the weight loss since Christmas.

She gave me the book and I thought it was a huge joke. You couldn’t eat carrots while on the diet, carrots. Absolutely ridiculous. The Dukan Diet became a big laughable thing in my household and I didn’t take it seriously at all.

She made me read the book, and I did. The only reason I started it was because the diet made sense to me, but I never thought I would succeed. I didn’t think I would lose the weight and keep it off, and I especially didn’t think I would get the results I ended up getting.

I remember seeing the TW date Dukan gave me on the website. February 6th 2012. I thought that was hilarious, a huge joke. Just not possible I could stick with it that long. There was no doubt in my mind I would be back to eating regularly by the end of the month. So really, I was not in the ‘right frame of mind’ at all.

Prawn was the same way. He never did Dukan for himself. Since the very beginning it was just to support me (great guy). He figured he would do it until I messed up and quit, which would be less than a week, and then he would be back to eating regularly as well. No sweat.

Now look at what he has gotten himself into!

When I try something, I usually hit a road block and quit. What is so funny is that I did hit a road block, day 2 when I cheated… and for some reason I kept going. I guess this diet was meant to be.

So you see? Not in the right place mentally, didn’t think I would do well, and I DID. Sometimes even if you are doubtful about yourself you just need to take the first step and something clicks. Don’t give up!

The same thing can be said for my recent fitness attempts. I have tried everything to get myself motivated to get to the gym, nothing ever works. I am absolutely not in the right frame of mind but somehow I have managed to get my butt to the gym for 5 weeks in a row now. Are you kidding me?

I don’t think I can really succeed in this bodybuilding world, I look at the other competitors and think to myself… no way. I will never look like that, but who knows? I’m putting in the effort, it will pay off, it’s just a matter of time, dedication, and continuing on this journey!

So take that first step, you will regret not having started sooner.

& If you don’t succeed, keep taking that first step, or you will never get anywhere. Cross that attempt off your list and try something differently. You don’t need to be in the right place when you start, as long as you end in the right frame of mind, you can do it!



Please tell me it’s the weather. I just don’t understand this, I feel a complete lack of motivation. My body feels as exhausted as it did all throughout Cruise, my life feels so busy and hectic. I know I’m not the only one. So, I’m thinking we could all use a little kick in the butt, some motivation.

I’m having a hard time writing this, considering my lack of motivation myself, I don’t even know where to start.

Ok, well how about this:

It feels so great to be skinny.

I weighed 264.8 lbs when I started this journey, a teensy bit over 11 months ago. When I went out, I wouldn’t get danced with. I felt trapped in a relationship because I didn’t think I could ever do any better, because I was simply put, hideous (or so I felt).

I hated my body, every bit of it, other than my chest, which I was in love with and desperate to never lose because I was afraid (since it was the ‘only attractive part of me’) that no one could find me good looking without it.

Well, my morning weigh in was 159.0 lbs.

I went from an E cup to a B cup.

I feel super SEXY today. Prawn told me I have a good looking butt this morning.

Last time I went out I danced and had a great time, I kept up with my friends Irish dancing all weekend and never felt tired or like I couldn’t keep up, even though I had just hit the gym for 30 days straight prior.
When I run up the stairs at my work I don’t run out of breath anymore.

I am not constantly afraid of spraining my ankles, getting diabetes, or being judged by other people because of my weight.

I don’t hide my body anymore, I wear tight fitting clothes and I know I look good in them.

I have been called ‘stunning’ recently by almost a total stranger.


I have been maintaining my weight loss for 89 days now (I think) and I feel confident that it is off for life, as long as I continue on with the GREAT eating habits I picked up over my several months of following Dukan.
When I was fat I would eat frozen dinners, Kraft Dinner, candy, chocolate, ice cream, McDonalds… everything and anything bad for you. I could sit down and eat an entire thing of muffins, an entire box of Ah Caramel, all sorts of terrible junk.

Tonight I’m going home and BBQ-ing boneless skinless chicken breasts with yellow, orange, and red peppers and you know what, I would prefer to eat this way then the crap I was eating before! I don’t feel deprived, I feel empowered and I LOVE chicken and peppers on the BBQ, I really love it! A lot more than Kraft Dinner anyway. I’m choosing to eat this way.

I feel amazing, and want to keep it up and get even better looking, and even healthier by continuing on with my fitness, improving myself. I know I can do it.


I was a lazy, unmotivated 19 year old when I started this journey. I am now a healthy, attractive 20 year old who added YEARS to my life and completely erased all health issues I was bound to have in future years.

Surely you, a successful woman or man, who is not NEARLY as lazy and unmotivated as me can succeed with this easy diet, or any other diet you stick your mind to.

I started Dukan as a joke to prove my grandmother wrong, and instead completely changed my life.

So no excuses, I will go have an AMAZING leg workout after work and you will keep going strong or start over. You will see, the weight comes off when you follow the diet properly, work hard and see results fast!

Be healthy! You can do it!