Do you have loose skin?

I get this question A LOT, it’s the reason why a lot of more overweight people fear losing weight, and I touch on this frequently in my blog. I do have loose skin, mostly at the bottom of my belly and under my arms. But not a lot. There are a few factors in this, I am young, 21 years old, I was 19 when I decided to lose weight. I wasn’t always 270lbs, staying around 200lbs for the majority of my teens. So when I lost the weight, my body hadn’t been used to the heavier me for a long period of time. The majority of people I know who dropped over 100lbs had been heavier, or obese their entire lives, and even those who are as young as me, have a lot of loose skin.

Now there are factors, if you are older, you will be more likely to have lost elasticity in your skin and develop this loose skin, although if you are young, you can still have this loose skin, it all depends on your history.

Secondly, WATER, I drowned myself in water on a daily basis. I drank litres and litres of water every day and although it couldn’t be proven that this helped with my skins elasticity, I do believe that it had something to do with it all, since I really don’t have that much loose skin, even after losing 115lbs in such a small timeframe.

I also took selenium, which is a supplement that I have no idea if it helped, I didn’t take it consistently, but I was told it would help. And so that’s something if you want to look into, you can try.

What kind of exercise did you do?

To lose the weight I didn’t do any working out. I lost the weight in 8 months and like I tell most people, probably didn’t even walk up a single flight of stairs during that time period. Now, do not think that I am promoting weight loss without exercise! Losing weight through a keto diet like Dukan you will also lose muscle! I didn’t have a lot to begin with, and after I lost the weight I couldn’t even do a single pushup… on my knees! When I started working out, and doing weight training and seeing the results, some sexy arm muscles, when I got a teensy bit of abs, I was so happy and so proud, finally of my thinner frame, and really felt attractive for the first time since my weight loss. SO workout, do weight training during your weight training. You can do cardio, which I will expand on in another FAQ, but keto diets usually leave you tired and you lose the weight fast enough without it that it’s not a necessary to drop the weight as I have proven through my own weight loss journey.

What kind of cardio do you suggest?

I suggest a mix of high intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio and steady state cardio. Now, I’m not a fan of cardio, at all. But cardio bunnies, who think to drop weight they have to do hours and hours of jogging, treadmill, elliptical, that kind of thing. You lose muscle while performing steady state, which although gets you to lose weight initially, if you are going to boost your metabolism and drop weight over a long-term period, you need to incorporate weight training. When dropping weight though cardio, you burn through your muscles, lets say you lose weight initially with half an hour of jogging, you plateau, then you have to push to one hour cardio, now you are losing weight again, what happens if something happens and you stop jogging an hour a day? You will put the weight back on, unlike with weight training, where you muscles and metabolism are working in your favor to help you drop the weight.

So what you  need to do, steady state cardio like jogging, power walking, elliptical, mixed with high intensity HIIT, which would be like 20 seconds sprint, 20 seconds fast walking. Spiking your heart rate up and doing less total time of cardio, than you would with steady state.

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