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Dukan Supplement Experiment Update

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As per request, what happened after day 2 of the Supplement Experiment?

Life got a bit stressful and I gave up, but stuck on Dukan, weight stayed approximately the same (a little bit of a gain from the pizza at day 2). I am back on now, currently doing day 2 (again). I didn’t want to jinx it by blogging or vlogging about it. ;) I don’t want to do another 2 days and then cheat and be in that position again.

I did lose almost 5lbs on the first day of this second try at the Supplement Experiment. It’s so weird how fast it drops when you are “juicing” or more like “Dukan juicing”.

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel for more daily information on Dukan and what I’m up to.

But yes, we are at a second day 2 of the Supplement Experiment with the same results as last time. Let’s see if I can pass through the Day 2 hump!

I feel pretty damn focused this time. I think I’ll be just fine. :)

Will write again tomorrow (promise!) to let you know how I did with this day 2 curse. ;)


Good Morning!


So I started my new job. I work Mon-Fri 6-2. It is not bus accessible so I need to wake up at 3:30am every day, walk 40 minutes to meet up with a carpool, then get there half an hour early (this is the time the carpool arrives at my work) work 6-2 on my feet, then do the walk home and basically fall asleep at 6pm every night. :S

Funny story though… well first off my weight is dropping again (apparently standing on your feet in steel toes and walking 80 min a day is enough to get through a plateau, who’d a thunk it?) 

The funny story? So last night I went to bed at 6pm and woke up at 8pm. Well… I now know this, at the time all I saw was 8 and I FREAKED out… I started work on Tuesday and I was like… omg I am late and it’s only the third day of working! How is this going to look! I searched for my works phone number, I was crying, I was so guilty for missing the carpool and I hoped he hadn’t waited for too long. I couldn’t find my works number and I started on looking for a taxi number. Didn’t know if I just wanted to call in sick, then I decided to tell the truth, that my alarms just hadn’t gone off, and that I was so so sorry and guilty.

So I get upstairs to google the taxi information. Dreading this entire process, starting to get a headache, when my roommate says something to me about how he thought I had already gone to bed… I look at the time (it’s all military time on our computers and on my phone… which I had overlooked… even though I had stared at my phone for like 10 minutes trying to think of my works phone number.

Anyways… it was clearly the PM… I mean you could see the sun setting from my bedroom window for gosh’s sake! I was just too tired to think straight! I started crying again and went to bed, fell asleep instantly and woke up at 3:30am to my alarm like… wtf happened last night!

Ohhhh Lord. 

So right now it’s 4am and I’m just getting ready to leave, having downed 2 large coffees and packing a caffeine pill for later as a just in case.

I just keep thinking… the money is worthit… the money is worthit… although let’s be honest, my bad circulation, especially in the legs makes this whole thing almost unbearable. My varicose veins are screaming at me all day… but getting out of the house, keeping busy, and then the extra paycheck ontop of my boyfriends will be lovely.

AND I’m getting exercise, right? Right? Hoo. My achin’ leeggggsssss. -.-

Anyways, so we are almost 6 weeks back on Dukan. I’m at 25lbs lost! Which is fantastic. Almost back in the 170s! :)

Have a great weekend, I know I’ll be sleeping!



Weight Is Stagnant – Day 39

Two days in a row of perfect eating, but no walking, and gaining 0.2lbs both days. I haven’t been doing my daily walks since I scratched up the back of my heel really badly, and I’m starting a new job tomorrow morning and I don’t want to be in pain in my steel toe shoes. :S

It hurts really badly, to even put on my runners. I’ve been trying to heal it and just relax a bit, but my skin is so dry, it’s brutal. Anyways, so I don’t know if it’s because I’m not going on my walks that my weight has stagnated, or if it’s because after 39 days and a massive almost 10lbs loss last week my body is just adjusting.

Anyways, trying not to lose hope and fingers crossed for a loss tomorrow. Just going to keep doing what I’m doing and see if it works. I’m sure once I start working tomorrow, with waking up early and walking around and standing at work all day… it’ll start dropping again.

Will keep you posted!


Playing Around w/ Collages

Playing Around w/ Collages

Here is a bit of a collage of some before and after pics. Feeling pretty motivated to continue on this journey today, you know?
So both me and my boyfriend took before pics of this time around, underwear pics. We wanted to take more at 10% lost (which I hit this past week!) I want to upload those as well, but will wait until after this weekend when I finally get the pics taken by him. Anyways, enjoy these for now, this is what 8 months on the Dukan Diet with no cheating can do for you! :) <3 xoxo

Is Dukan About Calories?

When I started Dukan, for about the 8 months it took me to drop the weight, I did not feel that the Dukan Diet had anything to do with calories. Although it had been shoved down my throat that weight loss was always due to burning more calories during the day then you ingest, to me, the Dukan Diet proved otherwise, and so I called bullshit.

After losing about 100lbs I hit a plateau. It took months for me to break this plateau, and I did it by cutting down on my portion sizes, although never really thought to attribute this to calories.

I mean, when you can lose 3lbs by eating over 5000cal of steak, chicken, salad, shrimp in a day… I think you can see where my skepticism started, considering I had been told a healthy maintaining caloric amount for a woman would be about 2000cal… how could I be dropping so much weight on 5000cal a day? So calorie counting is obvs false… or is it?

Since then I have learned that by digestion alone, we burn 40% of the calories in protein. Essentially it’s a tough macronutrient to break down in the body, and your body burns about 40% of the 130cal in 4oz of chicken breast you are eating for that meal. What? That’s crazy. The fat and carbs (being low in a keto diet such as Dukan) goes for energy to do things like exist and digest the large quantity of protein you are ingesting.

Protein which scientifically doesn’t do anything for your body, except help repair muscle tissue, if you are doing something like weight or resistance training. So essentially you are eating this protein, and it’s just passing through your urine, not providing energy, or anything of value.

So this is why you can eat so much in the beginning, and still drop, but everyone hits a plateau, and at this point it is probably best to drop your caloric intake, to continue losing the weight, because it IS all about calories. It has been proven through a study I heard about through Dr Layne Norton people have been proven to lose weight even on a high fat diet, as long as they watch their calories. The Dukan Diet works, and many people have found major success through it because if you are having problems with your weight, generally it’s because of the quantity of bad foods, and high fat/high carbs foods that you are eating. I know that was my problem. I couldn’t put myself on a restrictive diet in the beginning, I wouldn’t have found any success with something like weight watchers, where you limit the amount of food you eat. So switching lets say the 5000cal in junk food and high fat/high carb foods, for 5000cal in protein was easy, because I was still always stuffing my face. I was never hungry, and the results kept me from cheating.

He could have made a restrictive diet, but there are so many of those, because you can eat as much as you can of those 100 foods, it keeps most people on it, and most very obese people, like the one he mentions in his book (at least the very first edition, the one I own here in Canada… I know in different countries there are different informations provided in the book… I digress) find success with the diet, because of this non-restrictive, self-directed kind of diet… it’s genius really. I mean how many diets do you know out there that let you eat unlimited of certain foods and still have you lose weight? It’s because of the genius of the only or mostly low-fat protein options!

So yes, Dukan is about calories, but more about the calories you burn during digestion than about the calories you ingest. It’s about that secret caloric burning, and that’s why you don’t need to track, or worry, in the beginning. But if you hit a sticking point, try cutting back on your calories and see if that helps!

Hope this was somekind of informative. Comment if you disagree or have something to add!


My End of Consolidation Date

If I had stuck to the Dukan program, and not gotten distracted by fancy bodybuilding diets, and the general consensus of everyone around me that I should start eating carbs, and then following this, my own justification and gunning out of control, then yoyo-ing, and lastly, giving up…

Wow that was a long run-on sentence, I digress:

If I had stuck with Dukan, my consolidation date would be August 10th 2013, which is coming up in a little over a month. This is the “last important Dukan date” in my mind. I am always being asked if I found the diet long. I started the Dukan Diet June 10th 2011. As everyone knows by now, I followed it for 8 months without cheating once and hit my TW, having lost 115lbs.

Did this seem long to me? No. The time honestly flew by. There were days I found particularly difficult. Weeks where I plateaued and the diet felt like it was taking FOREVER, I remember when I first looked at the Dukan website thing, where it says how long it would take to drop the weight I thought, omg, no way that is SO LONG. But when I think back to it the whole experience went by in a flash. I mean, whether or not you are dieting, life goes by quickly, and the days pass by.

I hit my target weight on February 6th 2012. I calculated my consolidation date meticulously and was very disappointed that with 5 days for every pound lost I would be following consolidation for a year and a half, until August 10th 2013. This felt like an eternity for me and I really struggled with the concept.

But now that the time passes… I mean it both feels like an eternity, and it has flown by. Do you understand? So much has happened during this year and a half, but at the same time I can’t really remember what it feels like to be obese. I can’t really remember what I looked like, and I still look back at my old almost 300lbs pictures and think… wtf. That was me? I can’t even remember looking like that!

I have had my problems seeing eye to eye with the Dukan consolidation phase, which I blogged about over a year ago. I feel like as a person addicted to food, consolidation opened the floodgates, like an alcoholic thinking he can slowly reintroduce alcohol back into his diet, or a smoker thinking he can still smoke once a week, and after a few months go up to a few smokes a week. Well in reality when it comes to addiction, this ends in a vicious cycle of justification, falling off and back on the wagon, bingeing, guilt, unhappiness. I am addicted to food and carbs and eating and I know this, it’s a mental thing that has taken me years to accept, and will take me my whole life to understand.

But time, time keeps going, I never thought August 10th 2013 would come and now I’m staring it right in the face like… where did the time go?

What would have happened if I had stayed in consolidation and not cheated, as I did during that initial 8 month weight loss… where would I be? Was it really that much time?

As someone with an addictive personality, going through the problems I had with maintaining my weight, bad advice, bad relationships and break ups, drugs, and binges during this period of my life, and someone who (well I feel) has really grown and changed since February 6th 2012, I can safely say I do not have any regrets. Since I have become such a better, now sober, and more determined person during the process. Growing to communicate in my relationships, to work through my procrastination, to help people, even through the ups and downs (as I have said before in my blogging, ooooh my roller coaster of a life!) I am a happier person, and this whole process, which will take my entire life and has been no easy fix, has made me into the person I am today, and I will continue to grow through learning about my problems with addiction, food and otherwise, and striving to get my ‘perfect body’ and to be happy with myself.

A friend of mine is an alcoholic, almost 3 years sober now, and he says it’s all about the day to day. His mentality is, he might have a drink tomorrow, who knows, but he knows he wont have one today, he works every day to not have a drink that day and that’s where his focus is. He recognizes his triggers, which I mentioned a few months ago, HALT (hunger, anger, loneliness, tiredness) and looks to correct these feelings before they get overwhelming, and this is how he does it.

And so with that, every day I tell myself that I wont cheat on the diet. I may cheat on my birthday, I may cheat next week. But today, I am focusing on keeping myself full, happy, on talking to people and going out, and on sleeping when I am tired, and taking naps if I feel really exhausted and overwhelmed (because everything is better after a quick nap!) so that I can move forward in this weight loss journey, this… well over 2 year long journey, with all it’s rollercoaster-ey-ness, to strive towards a better me, everyday.


Love you guys, hope you are all doing great in your own journeys, however long they may take you!