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-Dukan Dietress


Down 2lbs Since Yesterday!

ImageLast night I went out to dinner celebrating one of my dearest friends who is moving away. I knew we were going to a restaurant so I planned ahead and looked up the menu online. I picked the one thing off the menu that was even close to Dukan friendly, the cobb salad (without dressing) and ordered it. It was SO DELICIOUS and filling! I didn’t feel left out hanging out with all my friends and I wont remember my good friends going away party as that time I sat at a table drinking diet soda and watching my friends eat yummy BBQ food while my stomach was grumbling and I had a miserable time. So it’s a win win!

Yes, the salad did have cheese, I ate it because there really wasn’t a lot there and it all just looked so good. This morning I weighed myself and I lost 2 full pounds. SCORE!

So no, I didn’t have a supplement day yesterday, but I stayed on track and lost the weight, so I will have a redo of day… what am I on now… day 4? Today. I didn’t cheat because of cravings, I ate a Dukan friendly meal at a BBQ restaurant, had an amazing time and planned ahead for success! I feel really amazing!

I started back on Dukan 130 days ago. In that time I have allowed myself to cheat, I have fallen off the wagon for a few days at a time, but mostly I have stuck with it to the tune of an average 1.57lbs lost per week and 022lbs per day. Total lost in 130 days: 29.0lbs and I am currently at my lowest weight during this time!

Plan ahead for success!!!

-Constance (Dukan Dietress)

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Supplement Experiment Day 3

Well would you look at that… the day 2 curse is passed and I didn’t cheat, actually… I had NO CRAVINGS the entire day! ZERO!

Hmmm… I guess I may be onto something afterall.

Today is day 3 and I’m feeling amaaaazing. Will update you on my total weight loss at the end of the full week because of fear of jinxing it… but VERY happy with the results so far. LIKE VERY. Pants are fitting much looser, belly is looking FLAT.

Who would have thought?

Oooh and there is a winner for the book giveaway… but that will be announced later today on my YouTube channel. ;) 

Good luck to everyone who entered, I can’t wait to announce my next giveaway!

Have a Dukan Day! Let’s see where this week of supplementation leads me! I honestly think I might get to a 10lbs loss!


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Dukan Supplement Experiment Update

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As per request, what happened after day 2 of the Supplement Experiment?

Life got a bit stressful and I gave up, but stuck on Dukan, weight stayed approximately the same (a little bit of a gain from the pizza at day 2). I am back on now, currently doing day 2 (again). I didn’t want to jinx it by blogging or vlogging about it. ;) I don’t want to do another 2 days and then cheat and be in that position again.

I did lose almost 5lbs on the first day of this second try at the Supplement Experiment. It’s so weird how fast it drops when you are “juicing” or more like “Dukan juicing”.

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel for more daily information on Dukan and what I’m up to.

But yes, we are at a second day 2 of the Supplement Experiment with the same results as last time. Let’s see if I can pass through the Day 2 hump!

I feel pretty damn focused this time. I think I’ll be just fine. :)

Will write again tomorrow (promise!) to let you know how I did with this day 2 curse. ;)


Dukan Supplement Experiment

In his newest book, Dr Dukan answers the question I have been asked a hundred times: “Can you have protein shakes and protein bars on the Dukan Diet?”

The answer I have given time and time again is absolutely. There are ways to make sure the protein powder you buy is Dukan-friendly. The number one tip I give everytime is to make sure the amount of protein per scoop is close, meaning: make sure that if the scoop is 28g, that the protein amound is close to 28 grams, like my protein powder which is 25g of protein per 28g scoop. If your scoop is 28g and the amount of protein per scoop is 18, then you are looking at 10g of filler.

A lot of protein bars are not okay to eat on the diet. They advertise high protein and high fiber, but they are not. The only bar I have found to work well with the rules outlined in Dukan is Quest Bars but I always check the nutritional information on new bars I find just in case. I have not found a single other bar to work though.

The official statement by Dukan is that protein shakes and bars are not acceptable on the diet.

With the rise in popularity of shake diets and juice cleanses, as well as this official statement by The Dukan Diet that protein shakes are not acceptable, I thought I would do a test, an experiment if you will. My stance on protein powders and bars are that after a workout, or sometimes in replacement of a meal, or as a snack… they are good for you and healthy and something that can be beneficial to your diet.

But what if all I ate for 7 days was supplements? This is not something I would suggest to any of you… but might show the effects of protein powders over a longer period of time and show an extreme to prove that protein powders, bars, and other supplements… if the research is done on the product ingested… should indeed be allowed on the diet.

I will be filming a vlog on my YouTube channel showing how I feel throughout these 7 days as well as blogging here! :)

How Will You Proceed?


I will be switching between two whey proteins during the day. I have included pictures of the products as well as the nutrition information. Like when following “regular” Dukan, I will be drinking a protein shake whenever I am hungry, if that means I drink 10 protein shakes during the day then so be it, but I will be sure to record how many I drink and my hunger levels.


I will be alternating PP and PV days as if I was following cruise. During PV days I will be adding this vegegreens and trying my best to match one protein shake for every vegeshake. Included are photos and the nutrition information.


Before bed I will be drinking one casein protein shake. This is a kind of protein that is slow absorbing and suggested to be drank before bed. Once again I have included a photo and the nutrition information.


Like when I would regularly follow the Dukan Diet, I will eat my two allowed yogurts as well as the recommended serving of oat bran. I plan to eat this every morning for breakfast.


You Can Follow Me Every Step Of The Way

I will be letting you in on my weight every day. How I feel during the day, how much I have to eat to feel full, every symptom and craving via YouTube as well as here. I hope to see if a protein shake would be good for a snack or meal following Dukan, if vegegreens would make a good substitute for vegetables on PV days and to see if it’s possible to lose weight on a “Dukan Shake” diet. Maybe prove that you can do a blitz following Dukan of a few supplement days in a row to kickstart your weight loss.

I am not sure what I will learn during these 7 days, but I can’t wait to tag you along and maybe teach you a thing or two about supplementation.

Wish me luck!

-Dukan Dietress

Good Morning!


So I started my new job. I work Mon-Fri 6-2. It is not bus accessible so I need to wake up at 3:30am every day, walk 40 minutes to meet up with a carpool, then get there half an hour early (this is the time the carpool arrives at my work) work 6-2 on my feet, then do the walk home and basically fall asleep at 6pm every night. :S

Funny story though… well first off my weight is dropping again (apparently standing on your feet in steel toes and walking 80 min a day is enough to get through a plateau, who’d a thunk it?) 

The funny story? So last night I went to bed at 6pm and woke up at 8pm. Well… I now know this, at the time all I saw was 8 and I FREAKED out… I started work on Tuesday and I was like… omg I am late and it’s only the third day of working! How is this going to look! I searched for my works phone number, I was crying, I was so guilty for missing the carpool and I hoped he hadn’t waited for too long. I couldn’t find my works number and I started on looking for a taxi number. Didn’t know if I just wanted to call in sick, then I decided to tell the truth, that my alarms just hadn’t gone off, and that I was so so sorry and guilty.

So I get upstairs to google the taxi information. Dreading this entire process, starting to get a headache, when my roommate says something to me about how he thought I had already gone to bed… I look at the time (it’s all military time on our computers and on my phone… which I had overlooked… even though I had stared at my phone for like 10 minutes trying to think of my works phone number.

Anyways… it was clearly the PM… I mean you could see the sun setting from my bedroom window for gosh’s sake! I was just too tired to think straight! I started crying again and went to bed, fell asleep instantly and woke up at 3:30am to my alarm like… wtf happened last night!

Ohhhh Lord. 

So right now it’s 4am and I’m just getting ready to leave, having downed 2 large coffees and packing a caffeine pill for later as a just in case.

I just keep thinking… the money is worthit… the money is worthit… although let’s be honest, my bad circulation, especially in the legs makes this whole thing almost unbearable. My varicose veins are screaming at me all day… but getting out of the house, keeping busy, and then the extra paycheck ontop of my boyfriends will be lovely.

AND I’m getting exercise, right? Right? Hoo. My achin’ leeggggsssss. -.-

Anyways, so we are almost 6 weeks back on Dukan. I’m at 25lbs lost! Which is fantastic. Almost back in the 170s! :)

Have a great weekend, I know I’ll be sleeping!



Is Dukan About Calories?

When I started Dukan, for about the 8 months it took me to drop the weight, I did not feel that the Dukan Diet had anything to do with calories. Although it had been shoved down my throat that weight loss was always due to burning more calories during the day then you ingest, to me, the Dukan Diet proved otherwise, and so I called bullshit.

After losing about 100lbs I hit a plateau. It took months for me to break this plateau, and I did it by cutting down on my portion sizes, although never really thought to attribute this to calories.

I mean, when you can lose 3lbs by eating over 5000cal of steak, chicken, salad, shrimp in a day… I think you can see where my skepticism started, considering I had been told a healthy maintaining caloric amount for a woman would be about 2000cal… how could I be dropping so much weight on 5000cal a day? So calorie counting is obvs false… or is it?

Since then I have learned that by digestion alone, we burn 40% of the calories in protein. Essentially it’s a tough macronutrient to break down in the body, and your body burns about 40% of the 130cal in 4oz of chicken breast you are eating for that meal. What? That’s crazy. The fat and carbs (being low in a keto diet such as Dukan) goes for energy to do things like exist and digest the large quantity of protein you are ingesting.

Protein which scientifically doesn’t do anything for your body, except help repair muscle tissue, if you are doing something like weight or resistance training. So essentially you are eating this protein, and it’s just passing through your urine, not providing energy, or anything of value.

So this is why you can eat so much in the beginning, and still drop, but everyone hits a plateau, and at this point it is probably best to drop your caloric intake, to continue losing the weight, because it IS all about calories. It has been proven through a study I heard about through Dr Layne Norton people have been proven to lose weight even on a high fat diet, as long as they watch their calories. The Dukan Diet works, and many people have found major success through it because if you are having problems with your weight, generally it’s because of the quantity of bad foods, and high fat/high carbs foods that you are eating. I know that was my problem. I couldn’t put myself on a restrictive diet in the beginning, I wouldn’t have found any success with something like weight watchers, where you limit the amount of food you eat. So switching lets say the 5000cal in junk food and high fat/high carb foods, for 5000cal in protein was easy, because I was still always stuffing my face. I was never hungry, and the results kept me from cheating.

He could have made a restrictive diet, but there are so many of those, because you can eat as much as you can of those 100 foods, it keeps most people on it, and most very obese people, like the one he mentions in his book (at least the very first edition, the one I own here in Canada… I know in different countries there are different informations provided in the book… I digress) find success with the diet, because of this non-restrictive, self-directed kind of diet… it’s genius really. I mean how many diets do you know out there that let you eat unlimited of certain foods and still have you lose weight? It’s because of the genius of the only or mostly low-fat protein options!

So yes, Dukan is about calories, but more about the calories you burn during digestion than about the calories you ingest. It’s about that secret caloric burning, and that’s why you don’t need to track, or worry, in the beginning. But if you hit a sticking point, try cutting back on your calories and see if that helps!

Hope this was somekind of informative. Comment if you disagree or have something to add!