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Cruise Phase Day 3 – Milestone: 1 Week No Cheating!

I wrote part of today’s post before drinking any coffee… after having my first mug I re-read it and… woah. I really do need my morning coffee to think straight… let’s try this again.

So I have been back on the Dukan Diet for a week now. I started last Monday, and I have dropped 10lbs!

Also… I MADE IT AN ENTIRE WEEK WITHOUT CHEATING! This… is just amazing news. I can do this! Maybe I will be in complete confidence of my ability to not cheat once I make it another week or two… although I will be cheating on my birthday.

But just my birthday! If there is birthday cake still available the day after or I am offered to go out to dinner to celebrate I will be saying no, unfortunately. I need to get right back to it immediately.

I only have a measly 8lbs to lose to get back to my lowest weight, and then it’s all good news and happiness from there. When I was at my lowest I could see muscle definition much easier… I am really excited to get to that point again. That is what is motivating me, to be able to finally see the muscles I am working so hard to get at the gym!

I am so excited. I have been managing to hit my cardio (although since that first morning I have not done any AM cardio) doing at least an hour after my weight training every day.

So everything is going well! It’s all smooth sailing right now. Thank goodness.

It isn’t difficult motivating myself through the Dukan Diet to be really honest with you. I was having so much trouble with cravings and cheating when I was ‘winging it’ with the bodybuilder diet. The problem I had was that it was so loosey-goosey. I was allowed between 4-8oz of lean protein a meal, but even then that could change, and I was sometimes allowed this and allowed a bit of that and you know what… NOPE, that doesn’t work for me.

Since as you are all aware… given an inch I take a mile. Well 3tbsp of peanut butter EASILY turned into 1-2 cups of the stuff and honey? Well it’s not on the list of foods I can eat… but then again neither is pork tenderloin and I can eat that… and honey is technically a fat and I need fat in my diet…

Next thing I know I am eating 1-2 cups of honey with my half a jar of peanut butter… and that is all fat! I wonder why I gained 20lbs in a month… Well tah-dah! Mystery solved.

But half of it is GONE, the other half will hopefully be gone next week (if I continue at this rate… which would be SO NICE… but is never the case) and then I can MOVE FORWARD!

I can forgive myself for my lack of willpower, for disappointing myself, my family, you guys… I can be that strong Dukanian again and just… move forward with this experience, instead of taking one step forward and 2 cups of peanut butter back.

I will be honest… I didn’t stick to my strict food plan yesterday. I did however, stay weeeell within Dukan-rules.

This is the thing that is amazing about Dukan… unlimited amounts of allowed foods, no measuring! Portion control is key to my current Dukan experience but yesterday I had a huge crave-on for that peanut butter, honey thing I keep mentioning today… instead of caving (like I would have on that bodybuilding diet) I simply ate 2 extra chicken breasts and a couple extra scoops of protein powder and BCAAs (in ice cream format… recipe to follow!).

But that’s it! Instead of, like I would on the other diet, binge eating bad, fatty foods, I knew what I was allowed and overate those… barely! I wasn’t crazy-full like I would be on my other binges… I was just comfy full.

Guess what… even after I had those cravings and beat them by eating more Dukan-foods (instead of cheating or starving myself and feeling like crap) I still didn’t gain the usual 3-4lbs that came with satisfying my cravings on the bodybuilding diet!

I didn’t gain ANY weight! Miracle! I feel fantastic!

I had such a good, relaxing but busy weekend. Thursday I am leaving for Toronto, going to FanExpo. I was hoping to be she-hulk buff by then, but ah well. The hotel has a gym (which I will be spending loads of time in. No way am I skipping a workout at 10-11 weeks out from my show) I have already bought extra chicken so I can meal prep to guarantee I don’t cheat on the trip. I will be packing a cooler for the meat and having a great time!

Oh otherwise, just for your information if you are looking to compare results, no, I have not had vegetables yet… just haven’t wanted to eat any and also haven’t been able to purchase them… well I could have bought vegetables if I was in the mood to eat them, but have not been so… well you get it.

So this has been ‘technically’ 7 days of Attack… Not sure if I want to see it that way though, so I think I will stick to today being Day 3 of Cruise and hopefully for dinner I will be in the mood to munch on some broccoli or something.



Egg whites, gingerbread spice, 3 tbsp oat bran. Mixed in a blender and called a ‘pancake’ (tasted veeery egg-y)

Protein powder, BCAA sorbet (Yuuuummm…)

All Other Meals
1130am, 245pm, 6pm, 8 or 9pm

1 chicken breast

I might at 8 or 9pm end up having my protein powder, BCAA sorbet if I have any cravings for sweets, instead of chicken breasts. If I am not hungry for anything I might end up just not eating and going straight to bed.

Snacks in between
(Anytime I feel hungry in between meals)

A couple bites of chicken breasts or coffee

Make good choices today! Rock your workouts and DON’T CHEAT! It feels so much better, so amazing when you don’t. I guarantee you!


An Update On My Fitness

I think I have finally figured out the secret to getting myself to the gym!

This  whole ‘goals’ thing has totally worked so far, I’m at a record breaking 4 days straight of hitting the gym!

Whaaaat? I know right!

I am having a really hard time coming up with goals that follow the ‘SMART’ method when it comes to weight lifting. It is harder to measure and I’m not entirely sure where my fitness is currently at or what to strive for. Making a running goal was easier but still pretty difficult. I find myself just staring at the computer screen, not really knowing what to do. I have wasted a lot of time just unsure of my goals and as you can see (if you click the tab above) I still have only one goal to go for.

I hit my first mini goal the other day and I was so proud to do it! It almost killed me, I’ll have you know, but literally 30 seconds after I hopped off the treadmill I felt fine so I am very glad I kept at it for the entire 10 minutes. I feel so proud of myself!

I don’t know how I can possibly run 30 minutes… but hopefully I can work my way up to it.

I have basically been getting in the gym, hopping on a treadmill right away and running. Once my 10 minutes is up I have been hopping off and going home right away. That way I don’t have the excuse that going to the gym takes too long. It’s literally a super-quick workout and then it’s over and I can go home to eat dinner.

I even ran on my lunch break at work! Drove the the gym, hopped on and had a quick shower.

Making good gym choices has even affected other aspects of my life. I could have picked up Greek yogurt or deli chicken after my workout yesterday to munch on but instead I picked up berries. Yum!

I’m really happy right now, I can’t wait to figure out goals for other aspects of my fitness and really get it done.