Life = Roller Coaster (Loads of Pictures)

How are you guys doing today?

You ready for a positive post? I sure am. So I woke up this morning in a good mood. I drank coffee, still in a good mood, went to work… still in a good mood.

I am tired, yep. If anything I am more tired than yesterday. But I am in a good mood. I think today will bring great things, if not at least good things.

It’s not a huge reflection on my weight loss for today. I dropped 0.2lbs from yesterday bringing my weight down to 153.0lbs which is 1lbs away from my heaviest. That means in the past month of being back on Dukan I have lost the 20lbs I gained in my month of wishy-washy bodybuilder dieting.

Seems fair, a month to gain, a month to lose and now we move forward.

I have 8 weeks until my competition, less than that actually. Last night I took the first step to ordering my competition suit, sending the designer pictures of me in a bikini, front, side and back. I saw when looking at those photos the places where I need to improve (and DAMN… there are quite a few) but I know I can do it.

Well I say that… I know I can do it… little voice in the back of my head is telling me otherwise, but damn if I don’t try my hardest!

I have a few pictures I want to share with you that make me smile, and that’s it for today. Just going through life, trying to smile today, trying to talk to people today and be more sharing and social. Trying to break through this depression.

This is the newest photo of my back muscles, me at 9 weeks out.

Newest bicep flex photo, you can see some shoulder definition. I am really happy with my progress so far.

This was taken before going out on Sunday, I’m skinny enough to wear this dress now! Very happy with my calf muscles peeking through.

I felt like a MILION bucks in this dress. Confident, skinny, happy, and finally my belly has shrunk enough that I can pull it off! :) I love this picture.

This is the big one! New before and after picture, a years worth of progress. It’s easy to forget how far you have come when you are struggling with day to day plateaus and stagnation… but although slow, progress does happen if you are making good choices consistently and working towards it. Don’t forget.


16 thoughts on “Life = Roller Coaster (Loads of Pictures)

  1. Great job girl! You’re shoulders and back are impressive!!! Great transformation pics! Keep it up! And A+ on the positive post today! Well done! Continue to have a great day!

  2. Some shoulder definition? You’re rockin’ those shoulders! And I’d put the before pic next to the hot pic of you in that itty bitty skirt up on the bathroom mirror… It’ll remind you how amazing you are :)

    • Oh man were you ever right about shredding sorrows. I felt so amazing after my workout yesterday. Working out just gets me so happy. I guess I’m addicted! Awesome! LOL

      Took me so long to get there… but I think it’s a good addiction to have, and the rush and happiness I get from weight training… amazing. :) Thank you so much for the support love. xo

  3. Great shots. Your arms look amazing in the back muscle shot (9 weeks out). I’m going to attack my arms in the next few weeks. Looking for growth.

  4. Awesome stuff!!! I have so few “before”pictures, and haven’t taken any progress pictures. I think I may have to start, though I’m not really ready to share, I will be eventually.
    I’m still losing (72 pounds, holy crap), and tried on and bought jeans in a size I haven’t seen in almost THIRTY years! I’ve never been one to look in the mirror, and though I’ve got a LONG way to go, I can’t stay out of the mirror. I’m in awe, lol. So conceited, I am!!!!

    Keep going, you’re doing so well!

      • Thanks :) I keep teetering between “well, I’ve got so much more to go that 72 is nothing, and “wow! that’s a lot”.. Today is a “meh” day– just looking forward to the next big number, lol!
        I do have to keep telling myself, I’ve got a long way to go, because in my mind, I’m getting a tiny bit too relaxed about the whole diet. I don’t mean that I’m relaxing what I eat– not at all, but I feel guilty sometimes that I’m not stressing every day about my weight loss anymore. Now that I’ve seen such consistent losses for six months, I’m not under any stress, and not doubting myself about reaching my goals. This is totally unlike any other diet I’ve done–I’ve become so conditioned to stressing over weight loss, that NOT stressing is causing me stress!! Ack!!!

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